Your way to save/delete files

Your way to save/delete files

With the Long Path Tool, you can forget all the problems which you have faced while trying to manage you files and folders. Whatever the error message is, the Long Path Tool can overcome it. You may have encountered the following: “The file name(s) might be too long with respect to the targeted folder. Here, you can opt to shorten its name and click to save it again or even save in other location that has a shorten path”, or even “Cannot delete folder: it is being used by another person or program. Close any program that might be using the file and try again”. However, the Long Path Tool will provide you with the fix.

Some more error messages which can be received

–          Some Path Too Long errors (like the Error code 80/1; or error 0x80010135)

–          The file cannot be read from the disk or from the source

–          A sharing violation which have occurred

–          The access to the file is denied

–          The name of the file is either too long or it is not valid

–          The destination file (or the source file) is in use

–          The file is being used by another program

–          The disk is either full or it is write-protected

–          The item cannot be found

–          The file name is too long (more than 260 characters are used)

–          The location of the file in not correct

–          The file cannot be deleted, copied, or renamed

The fix

The Long Path Tool will not let any of these error messages stand in its way while helping you manage your files. No path name is too long for this program, since it can offer up to 32,000 characters as per the internal Window limit. In order to benefit from all these things which the Long Path Tool offers, you can visit the and download the program from there, where you will be able to enjoy a free trial. Whenever you encounter a problem managing any file or folder, you can open the Long Path Tool, use its searching engine, find your file, and manage it as you want.

As a versatile solution, the Long Path Tool will let you benefit from its many features. It offers a fix for all the errors which you might encounter while managing your files. Moreover, if you purchase the program for only 19.00$, you will be able to benefit from the updates for a lifetime, all for free.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6