You can easily rectify the operating system’s errors

You can easily rectify the operating system’s errors

Windows usually sends to users all kind of messages to help them decide about the action they ask Windows to apply or messages which are containing errors determined by malfunctions of its functions. The most disturbing messages are those which include errors, but above that the messages that include errors and do not allow to the users to proceed with the desired action. To eliminate the unpleasant errors which block the actions of the users Windows created a tool. It is about the Long Path Tool. This is the software which help’s the users to avoid Windows pop-up errors. It does not matter if you have one folder or just a file or if you work with a computer connected by a network. With the Long Path Tool you will be capable to move, copy, rename or delete those files for which Windows create error messages.

The internal boundary of Windows regarding the number of characters is set to 32.000. The Long Path Tool is capable to ignore this limit. Long Path Tool is suitable to all Windows versions Windows 95, Windows 98 to Windows Server 2012.

The Long Path Tool is available on the Internet and can be purchase to a decent price. But if you think about your comfort and if you want to work without problems which can be easy avoided you’ll skip the trial version and buy the full one. The interface of this tool may be understood easily. Download the program and make a shortcut so you ca easy access the software whenever you need it.

It may often happen to receive from your operating system popup windows which contain errors. These errors can occur when you try to move, delete or rename a file or a folder. This happens because the actual name of the file overcomes the Windows limit of characters. Here comes the Long Path Tool. Open the tool, search in the list which it will show it to you the folder or the file you want to apply the action for which you received the error and apply it.

The great part about this tool is that it provides support service for the costumers. The software’s developer gives support to all the users no matter if they use the trial or the full version of the tool, which is available only by paying.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6