Yes, That’s All What You Want!

Long Path Tool is window software which was developed to either delete or copy files with a long pathname. With this tool, the user is only required to identify the storage location where the file or folder to be deleted is, then press the delete or copy button. This is all that is needed.

If your computer is not deleted or copy files with long pathnames in Explorer, you are advised to use the Long Path Tool to solve such problems. Computer virus, Mac Operating System or other software might have caused some of these problems. This software has been recommended by its users since it can

In most cases, such files or folders cannot be accessed under the window. The files or folders can neither be copied, nor deleted. Files are also cleaned up with this software. Moreover, files with a pathname that has more than 260 characters can be copied and deleted when one uses this software.

Files with trailing spaces in the pathnames can also be deleted and copied with the help of a long path tool. Moreover, for those who have been finding error messages such as “cannot delete file,” “Access is denied” and many more error messages can use this tool to solve the error message problems. Other error messages include error deleting file and the file is taking too long to open.

The software comes with search engine that is responsible for identifying files and folders which has error message problems. Plain texts are always the generated results of the search engine. Moreover, one can delete, copy or rename the identified files. Moreover, the deleted files or folders can be retrieved since they are not deleted permanently. They are stored in the Recycle Bin.

As you work with Long Path Tool, it is recommended that your storage location, disk, should not be write-protected and the file or folder which you would like to delete should not be in use. Moreover, the processes which are involved in causing error message problems are identified and destroyed by this software.

The Long Path Tool does not need any past experience for one to use it. It only requires the minimum time possible to know how to use it. Moreover, this software is considered to be reliable because it is efficient in solving the error message problems. Moreover, your problem will be solved within a few minutes.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6