Why the Long Path Tool?

Why the Long Path Tool?

Has your system been teasing you lately teasing you with Errors 1320, “the specified pathname too long,” or “cannot delete file name” because the “destination pathname” is “too long?” Well, systems do that – they feel particular aversion to lengthy file names, specifically pathnames of more than 255 characters. Systems refuse to unlock, delete, access, rename, and manage these files. In short, operating systems tend to be plagued by file management issues and storage handling issues. If you wonder why these issues have arisen, then you must know that the nucleus of these issues is an increment in the storage of files on your system. With more and more data being stored in a system the result is the development of multiple files and folders on your system. This subsequently leads to the formation of long file paths and names on your system which are typically difficult to manage and access.

If your system has been frustrating you thus, then despair not. A recent breakthrough in computer software makes file management and data storage no issue at all. This is the Long Path Tool, which can function with path names up to 32,000 characters. This tool is simple to use, and practically anybody can make use of it effectively, even without knowing anything about computer software. Another gargantuan advantage of this tool is that it is compatible for most operating systems. This tool allows you to download it directly from the website. On being downloaded and set up, an icon on your desktop enables you to access a window, this window contains all the files in your system (even the ones with the “long” names) and thus accessing and managing them becomes a piece of cake.

The Long Path Tool clearly overshadows all other pre-existing computer softwares that claim to eliminate issues regarding file management. The proof lies in its comprehensiveness as a package which includes availability, compatibility and simplicity. Availability is always crucial to a software’s success as, and the Long Path Tool is available to all individuals easily, anyone can download it straight from the website and start managing their previously unmanageable and inaccessible files.  Compatibility is another issue, and this tool is compatible with almost all operating systems. The last concern is simplicity – users with lesser or no knowledge of computer software and technology have no patience for complicated stuff, and this tool is going to present to them no annoyance either, for it is as simple as it is compatible and available. Special requirements and byzantine interfaces are no necessity with the Long Path Tool either as might be an issue with other file management programs. If there are not enough benefits already, another is that the users keep receiving emails (which contain news and updates) that acquaint them with the latest applications and strategies on how to make the best of this software.


LPT has transformed the world of file management, and its manufacturers plan to keep enhancing its features. It was initially introduced, only with the option of saving filenames longer than the OS limit i.e. 225 characters. However, now the software features many new options, one of them helps clean the computer and rid it from any kind of problematic files, with the user’s permission. The most adorable thing about this software and its features, is that they work very fast, eradicating the frustration out of the whole procedure.

LPT can be enjoyed by anybody, as it is compatible with almost all Windows OS. The high accessibility makes this software more universal, and hence, allowing other individuals to take advantage from it. With the increasing number of Long Path Tool users, more and more people are reviewing about its attributes, mostly on the internet. This has made it a lot easier for the people to know how helpful people think this software is, and whether they should get it or not.

Before buying, it is to be made completely sure that the software suffices the needs of one’s data handing. No matter how short or long the required funds will be, money is still money and should be spent after assuring that it’s being put to good use. For that purpose, LPT manufacturers have provided the people with a trial version which can be downloaded for free. The trial version gives a much better idea of the inner side of the Long Path Tool. Majority of the people downloading the trial version of this software, buy its full version gladly as they then know how much it helps them in their digital chores. After reading the reviews, it is advisable to try this version out as well, to satisfy oneself completely, before investing into the software.

Still wondering why you should download this tool? Because simple yet powerful, this tool will shoo away most of your previous cyber nightmares.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6