What you should know about longpath tool?


When it comes to problems with copying, deleting or renaming files that have a long path, there is always a problem. This problem is quickly resolved if you install longpathtool.com The long path tool can probably put an end to all your computer related problems and also simplify the processes invovld in managing, unlocking and renaming your files. Many a times, when there are more than 255 characters, the file has a problem. This is when one feels the need to buy longpath tool and install the same.

Problems of long path

Have you found problems when it comes to renaming and are getting error messages indicating that the path is long or you cannot delete the file, then check out for longpath tool. The program is definitely effectively helpful for people who find a problem in renaming the file.

Other things you need to know about longpath tool

The other benefits of using longpath tool are that it simplifies renaming long files. Also, at times, it may be difficult to identify the file, delete it as there may be violation of sharing. Also, the long path tool helps in eliminating problems and lends the right interface that enables users to work without any major problems. Simple errors like a long filename or a long path may cause problems, but with longpath tool, there is no cause for worry. It is now possible to take care of pathnames even as long as 32000 characters.

Usage of long path tool

One can now download the software of long path tool online and save it to yoru computer. It is also compatible with Vista, Windows 7, XP, Windows NT and 2000. You may also create a shortcut for easy access on your desktop itself. One can now manage the files with long extensions or names and click on the icon and easily delete or rename the files. You can now rename the files without much problem even if there are error messages with the use of long path tool.

The program accesses the folders and files without any problems whatsoever, as it has a convenient and simple interface, easy to understand and also easy to install.

Concept – Simple and easy to use

The concept involved in long path tool is easy to use and it also extends simple, good options and nice interface.

Also, its compatibility with most of the Windows version makes it very effective and helpful. The long path tool is helpful in deleting system locked files, helps deleting after rebooting, omits the names, lifetime updates are available without having to pay anything extra.


Last but not the least; it can be said that users facing problems and errors especially when it comes to renaming long paths etc, can use this software as there is round the clock customer service and expert help for the same. Also, one receives the latest updates on the internet and there is free support that is rendered. A permanent remedy for handling your files is what is important nowadays.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6