What the Long Path Tool Software is

Long Path Tool

Many a times, while making changes to any MS Office file such as copying, deleting or renaming, one may get a message that the file cannot be modified because the file’s path name is too long. The system may also refuse to modify the file saying that it is open in another application. At times like these, it may get very frustrating for the user to determine which application is using the file or how they can reduce the file name size. If you have also faced such problems, then the Long Path Tool software is the solution you are looking for.

What the Long Path Tool Software is

The Long Path Tool software is a step towards eliminating a bundle of software program related issues which can not only be extremely irritating but also result in long delays in work and an overall reduction in efficiency. This software was designed with the aim of helping its users develop a more systematic file managing system by giving them the freedom of modifying each file as per their preferences without being restrained by error messages from the software program.

What this software does

The following are only a few of the basic tasks that the Long Path Software performs:

  • It lets the users rename, copy or delete any file irrespective of its path size. This literally means that you will never again get messages like “path name too long”.
  • It lets the users open and modify any file by automatically closing it in any parallel application where it might be open.
  • It takes care of some miscellaneous error messages where the system cannot read the file from the disk, source file is in concurrent use, file sharing violations and several other similar file management messages.

Why should you choose Long Path Tool Software

The simple reason for choosing the Long Path Tool Software is its amazing function which will totally revamp your experience on your computer. Another major reason is that unlike most other software, the Long Path Tool has a very easy to understand and user friendly interface.

The Long Path Tool can be easily downloaded and does not require any specific system requirements to run. It is compatible with all windows versions.

Using Long Path Tool

To access the software’s functions, all you need to do is open it on your desktop and you will immediately get a list of all the files stored on your computer. You can then proceed to modify the files in any way you like and the Long Path Tool will take care of all the error messages.

It is believed that the Long Path Tool will soon replace utility programs like Windows Explorer and Far Manager.

The final word

If you are looking for an extremely simple, yet effective and permanent solution to your file management problems, Long Path Tool is the perfect software. This software gives the user complete control over file management ensuring efficiency and speed in work. The software is easily downloadable. However, you can also check out its free trial version first. The software design team also ensures that the software is constantly updated to make it even better.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6