What is Long Path Tool?

Long Path Tool is helpful when you come across certain problems while unlocking, copying, renaming or deleting a file, which has been recognized by the system of having too long file name. When you are using FAR or Windows Explorer you may encounter such problems. In order to solve problems relating to this, all you need to do is use an application that is capable in handling long path problems. One, such application which is quite effective is the Long Path Tool software available for free on longpathtool.com.

What is Long Path Tool?

Long Path Tool is such software that helps you overcome the problems of long path name. Due to long path name you find that you cannot delete, rename, copy or unlock files that have been stored in your computer. Generally, the problems encountered due to long path generally arise during your efforts to delete, rename, modify and copy a file. The error message generally mentions that the file has be write-protected, disk is full, etc. In such situation, Long Path Tool is the best solution.

When to use Long Path Tool?

Long Path problems arise when the file name of a file becomes more than 255 characters. In such situation, you cannot delete, modify, copy and rename the file in normal way. So to overcome the problem related to this you need to Long Path Tool. Whenever, you file name becomes more than 255 characters and you want to delete, rename or unlock the file, you will require the Long Path Tool.

Why to use only Long Path Tool

There are many long path problem solving applications available for free on the internet. However, all are not equally efficient and trust worthy. There are many freeware that you can get from the internet that claims to help solve problems of long path problems but they cannot work after a certain level. Secondly, while you are trying to download a file you have no idea about what kind of a file it is actually. It can be a harmful file that can potentially damage your computer; it can be a Trojan, a malware or an adware. Therefore, it is always better that you download the long path problem solving application that is reliable directly from the original website. Long Path Tool is such a software that you would be able to download directly from their website longpathtool.com which is both reliable and effective.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6