How using Long Path Tool can be helpful

                                  How using Long Path Tool can be helpful

LPT is a computer-based application designed to organize the files and folders used by the Windows users. This application can be used to rename, delete and copy the files and folders. It can be tested on a wide variety of platforms and works everywhere. It can delete many files with long path. (for example, thousand)

LPT is a Tool which fixes the error messages for too long path, too deep path, or too long Filename. It is simpler and smoother to use with your system and is secured. The user can delete the files and can maintain all the deleted files in recycle bin which can be retrieved anytime. It is impermeable and compact software aimed to remove blocked files. Long Path Tool is the best solution to the fact that people are experiencing during considerable activities at the use of a computer, connected to the file names.

How to get it:

It is easy to get the long path tool online. You can first check the trial version of Long Path Tool to test the adaptability of the program. It will take few seconds to download and run the program. You need to check whether the program is compatible with the windows OS on your computer. Compatibility is with windows 98 and above versions of windows. Once the program has been downloaded you can create a shortcut by adding a folder to your wall to perform the targeted task effectively. There are online websites which offer the tool for free as a trial version. You can easily get updates through email about the product and offers. This software is user-friendly and increases the resolution criteria of the user. Any kind of path or file problem can be determined through this effective software.

The Goal of LPT:

There were days when errors come up with renaming, file deletion, file transfer and you can do nothing but worry about the situation. Gradually, managing the files requires the number of folders and subfolders that need to be arranged in a particular manner. In such cases, the user faces the error message which says” File is too long” or “error 1320”. These types of errors occur due to a limitation in the capacity of only 255 characters which is defined by the operating system. You must be aware of spyware in case you are unable to delete the file from the system and you may get the error that the file is already in use. However, continuously getting the Flash messages can hamper to get the desired output in your task. So, Long Path Tool is used to fix and address the errors to organize and manage the files.

Long Path Tool saves your time with some preset goals.

1) LPT is used to unlock the folders that need to be arranged in a particular manner.

2) To read the files from the data source.

3) To re-title the files.

4) To remove the files that have been locked by the system.

5) Windows internal limit capacity support up to 32,000 characters.

LPT working:

The Long Path Tool simplifies the path name by removing the blocked folders which are not useful.  It shows the actual fact behind such files and unlocks the file in the end. This tool acts as a unique tool where once the files are deleted; you can recover the deleted files from the recycle bin.

Merits of LPT:

LPT is unique software that let you feasibly organize and manage files while performing a different task like renaming, deleting and copying it. It manages the files by analyzing the errors. is a website from where you can purchase the tool to organize and manage the files. You can get free updates and emails by online purchase or subscribe it. You do not need to have the technical knowledge to operate the LPT.

2) All the files, folders and subfolders can be searched within a fraction of seconds. The program runs very swiftly and is easy to handle.

3) It does not need to have special equipment or technical hardware tools. It can readily be available online and can be smoothly run on an older version of a computer. It can give you desired results with no restrictions or additional interface.

4) There is an error message which flashes on the screen and there can be multiple messages which add problems to a task. We can use the tool to navigate and delete the files in one click.

5) With windows file manager renaming is a difficult job. But with the advanced tool like Long Path Tool copying the files and renaming can be done effectively and readily.

6) You can acquire the locked files and solve the error related issues.

7) Rebooting will help you schedule the files that need to be deleted.

8) An Operating system like Windows does not provide any support for path errors. The errors can be resolved with some special tool or program which can interface with system settings and provide desired results.

9) With less technical knowledge and handy features, almost everyone can operate the software.

Fixation of errors:

With long path tool, you need to scroll down few clicks and delete the files and folders easily. The files which are too long and cannot be deleted and sent to the bin can be located and erased out. It can copy and rename the folders hassle-free. One more advantage of using Long Path Tool is that mapped network folders can also be erased out or deleted.

It can fix the path which has 200 characters or more than that. Errors like “Error 1320” can also be fixed. Some errors whose permission has been denied or which cannot read from the data source can be fixed within few minutes with the help of software Long Path Tool.

The file name should not exceed 260 characters otherwise errors can occur. However, these also can be fixed with LPT.

Many times Windows warns you about a long path and then you need to shorten the length or path. In such case, LPT is the ultimate tool.

Older versions of windows have lots of drawbacks in comparison with latest versions like 7, 8 and 10. In such case even if you are using the older version Long Path Tool is the answer to your problem.

With the newer version of windows, we have certain drawbacks or limitations with files and folder names and with the length of the path. But with the availability of Long Path Tool, the problem can resolve without any difficulty.

1) Error path too long:

It pops up on your window without any reason. It can happen because of the software complications or while extracting the folders and files. In order to get it removed just download Long Path Tool.

2) The Error cannot read or delete file:

You may find that the files are not being deleted and this message is flashing on the screen then Long Path Tool is the solution to it.

3) Error Copying folder or file.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not get this error message. This message is common with XP users.

4) Error file can’t be accessed.

When users deal with Microsoft office this error is displayed. But Long Path Tool provides you resolution.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6