Uses of Long path tool


One can benefit by the use of Long path tool software and say adieu to problems in managing files with “destination names too long”. It happens many a times that when a person wants to manage certain files and folders, he is unable to do so and is received by messages which act as hindrances in his task. Anyone would want to arrange and manage his files on the computer as per his wants but error messages like these are indeed frustrating. All this can now be taken care of this amazing software.   

Problems addressed by Long path tool

Some files have long path name which might be more than 255 characters and might pose difficulty in managing them. Tasks like renaming them or deleting them or accessing them can be easily done by using this software which otherwise is haunted by error messages that disable one from managing such files and folders. You might be received by error messages like filename not valid or access denied, filename too long, path too deep or file in use by another program or folder not found and many such messages.

Advantages of Long path tool software

This proficient software takes care of files with longer path names, perhaps as long as 32000 characters. Providing a simpler interface helps in the management of such files. The software is compatible with most Windows versions and operating systems.  It works on a simple concept and is speediest as well. Now accessing such files or managing them is just a click away. Download the software from its official website and use it to take care of such files and folders. A smooth functioning of one’s machine is indeed priceless which now can be easily done with the use of Long path tool software.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6