Usefulness of long path tool

You might have come across situations where it is difficult to rename or delete a filename on your computer! If you are having issues with files to rename, copy, unlock or delete, you can comfortably perform such operations by using the long path tool. If you are facing problems with windows explorer or FAR in managing long filenames, you have found the solution. Long path tool can effectively address such issues in an efficient manner.

How to use the software?

Long path tool software can be downloaded from the web and can be easily installed in your computer. After installing the software, you should save the settings. You can install the software in Window 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. If you can create an icon on the desktop, it is easy to access the software and you can access the software whenever you want.

If you are required to handle files that contain long names, you should open the long path tool. As such, all the files will be displayed in the user friendly interface. You can rename, delete, open and move files without any difficulty. This wonderful software will resolve all your issues related to long filenames. The program was designed in such a way that it can access all the files and folders present in your computer. The great advantage with this software is that ‘Long path tool’ does not require any kind special system requirements.

When can you use this software?

If you are facing issues with files whose names contain more than 255 characters, you can effectively resolve such issues by deploying the software, long path tool. You can use the software when you get various issues like long filename, too long path, destination path too long or cannot delete the file name. These kinds of errors can be effectively addressed by the software, long path tool. The greatest advantage with the software is its ability to be deployed in various windows based operating system. From the latest to the oldest that is as far as Windows 95, the software can be installed.

Software capability

If you find an error message, ‘cannot read a file from the source’, ‘file sharing violation’, ‘cannot delete file’, ‘cannot delete folder’, ‘file name specified is too long’, ‘file name specified is invalid’, ‘the source file is in use’, ‘the destination file is in use’ and some other error reported by the operating system in your computer.

You can address all the issues addressed above in an effortless manner by installing ‘Long path tool’ in your computer. The software will be able to handle filenames whose characters can be up to 32,000.

How it fits into the current scenario?

There are number of instances where you will face issues with the long files. You were without a solution in the past. In order to resolve those difficulties an effective software was developed which is named as ‘Long path tool’. In addition to the delete, remove, open and move operations, you can also perform unlock operations. Even if you install the trail version of ‘Long path tool’, you can avail free support and free updates.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6