Use the Long Path Tool software instead of trying to rename

Use the Long Path Tool software instead of trying to rename

All the users have experience at least once the situation of not being able to rename, delete or copy some files from one folder to another, from a computer to another computer or from a computer to an external device. There it is shown a pop up window message which says to you that you cannot delete, move or copy your file and it recommends to you to try to rename it.

Why do these messages appear? From lots of reasons, one of these reasons may be the fact that the file is using an access control list while you try to copy, rename or delete it. The file may be still used by the operating system. Another reason could be that the file system is damaged or it is located in paths which vanquish the max number of the accepted characters.

There are situations when all the reasons from above but also other reasons take place at the same time. Therefore it will result compounded causes which will determine a more difficult way of copying or deleting your file.

There are some ways which users could try on to eliminate these causes. The manual methods could be a solution, but that is available only if you are lucky enough. If the computers are connected by a computer network and you need to move, delete or copy many files, but the system will not allow you to do that, be sure that only trying to find a manual method for solving the operating system’s errors will get you to lots of time wasted. More than that after you have wasted useful time to find a way you might conclude that the method you found does not provide to you the desired result.

Do not panic. The IT specialists have developed tools and software which help users to get rid of these types of problems. The Long Path Tool is one of the tools which you can use. This software can be used on any version of Windows.

This tool can be use on a single computer or on computers connected by a network. If you do not want to by the software then you can choose the trial version. The tool is easy to use because of it’s friendly interface and it’s easy to handle and understand functions.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6