How to use Long Path Tool

How to use Long Path Tool

Firstly, to get our fantastic Long Path Tool program, is a very simple process. Just go to our website and download our easy to find program. There are many links on our site to get our program, this will download to your download folder on your computer. After that, you will be asked to run the installation wizard when you open the downloaded file. This is an easy to do process and after a very small amount of time you will be through the installation process sand ready to use to our program to fix all of your programs.

The Basic License is a useful tool for any home owner or personal computer user. It is an essential little tool that helps you scan, delete, copy, move, or rename any long path file name. It also keeps you free updates for two years after you buy the license, an invaluable addition to keep your system cutting edge for two years.

We offer two Business licenses, a standard and a PRO license. Our standard license includes all that the basic license does with a lot of invaluable additions for your business needs. We promise to ensure all the properties of any file you use in this program will be preserved. This is obviously an invaluable addition for your business and keeps your files safer than they could ever possibly be. On top of this we ensure that you will get three years of free updates for your program, ensuring that your business has the protection that it needs for three years. This license costs a mere $117 dollars, a bargain for any business that needs to access its files.

Our PRO license ensures all of the protections and offerings of the cheaper licenses with extremely important additions. We offer settings to control whether to copy file ownership and acl (Access Control Lists) this is invaluable for your business where you need to keep the same permissions when copying over the files. This also includes an extremely useful command line version of our program. This also includes a massive FIVE year update guarantee, ensuring that your business has modern programs for the next five years.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6