Use Long Path Tool to List Long Path Files

Long Path Tool is nothing but a light-weight application that has been designed only to fulfill one goal which is to eradicate the long path and blocked files from the computer. When compared with identical applications, this tool is easier to use because it does not involve any configuration settings. Users do not need any unique computer skills while using the Long Path Tool. Users not having much experience can optimally utilize every in-built feature of the tool. Some of the common uses of the tool have been discussed below.

Use Long Path Tool to List Long Path Files

It has been seen that the Windows OS fails to identify files having more than two hundred fifty five characters within the name of the file path. Any system will generate error messages when the user would perform commands like delete, rename, remove or copy on long filename files. It is important to remove such files as they consumer large space on the computer’s hard disk and make the machine to hand or slow down. Some application software will fail to run smoothly on the user’s machine due to such files.

Regular problems occur with the long path files creating critical issues within the network environment. Long filename having characters more than 255 serve useful when the users work on the servers and require a backup of the server data.


These problems can easily be resolved using the Long Path Tool. Installation of the tool and its operation helps the users in listing the files having big address path.


There are some key features of the Long Path Tool that have been discussed here. The tool is capable of performing both local area as well as local network search for the rogue files. Such an application saves the search directory within the folder in which the application is saved. The list is also saved within this folder only.

Download Long Path Tool If You Cannot Delete Files

Sometimes working on the computer requires the user to clan the desktop or the C drive. This requires deletion of folders and files. Nevertheless, some files are obstinate which cannot be deleted easily. Making repeated efforts of deleting these files result in irritating messages like ‘File name is too long to delete’.

It is not a Virus

One of the common mistakes is to consider it in the form of a viral infection for the computer. Sometimes it so happens that in detailed scans using the best possible antivirus would fail to rectify a problem. The main reason is that the problem is the result of unusually long file name and not the virus.

The Reason

Computer systems are designed such that it fails to identify names having more than 255 characters. Any file name comprising of more than 255 characters makes the system generate error messages that state that the file names is quite long for deleting.

Nevertheless, one can resolve the problem using a simplified utility referred to as longest path tool utility. Users can download the Long Path Tool from Internet and have it installed on the machine for resolving this problem.

Long Path File Utility Keeps Up With System Performance

Multiple errors result while opening files which belong to Microsoft Office Program’s Applies Section. Few popular notifications following the messages are filename invalid; failure to access file; too long path and filename could not be found.

Custom Built Libraries

Such DDE errors are usually resolved with the help of the Operating System. Troubleshooting of such scenarios depends on the file handlers. It is quite a difficult task to manage the file. A standalone platform considers it a challenging job to recover tricky issues. This is the point where the Long Path Tool seems useful. There are various in-built features within the application. Customized libraries depict an error recovering procedure.

Click of a Button

It has been seen that a Long Path file utility goes hand in hand with Microsoft Customizable Alert files. This application functions just with the click of a button. These errors focus on the program that has been installed. The role of the software tool is to identify the location of the error and en route to the recovery steps.

Sustainable Interface

The problem of File path too long is resolved today by enhancing the size of the field of the file name to about 32000. Such internal modification enhances the performance of the processor and sustains with the interface that is user friendly.


Taking everything into consideration, the Long Path Tool has proved to be the most reliable software application capable of deleting long and blocked oath files form the computer with least and quick efforts. Users can get friendly with this utility quite easily and can easily be mastered by the experts and beginners alike.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6