Use long path tool for working on files with a too long file name

If you are facing any problem in managing files or folders in your windows explorer and getting error messages every time you are trying to delete, rename or copy files, it can well be one of those problems relating to long path name of files or folders.

You can get the following types of error messages while performing tasks on windows explorer or FAR.

Types of error messages

  • Too long path
  • Please make sure that the disk is not write protected or full and that the file is not being used currently.
  • Error in deleting a folder or file.
  • Unable to remove the folder
  • Error in copying folder or file
  • The file extension or name is too long.
  • The destination path is too long
  • Unable to find the item.
  • Invalid file name
  • Can not access file
  • The path entered is too long.  Please give a shorter path.
  • Unable to find file names.  Check file name spelling and verify whether the location is correct or not.

If you are encountering any such message, you can perform a thorough virus scan of your computer.  However, if the messages are repeated even after that then you have to take the help of a file management tool that helps to resolve issues relating to too long file path name.

Long path tool

The Long path tool has evolved as the best file management utility when you are unable to delete, rename, copy or move files in windows explorer.  It can help you by simplifying the file name, thereby helping your system to identify the file and perform tasks on it.

The long path tool can be used with windows explorer, FAR or any other file management utility and also with any windows operating system.  It is compatible with even the vintage version of windows 95.

How to use long path tool

Using this utility is very simple.  You have to download the tool from and save the settings in your computer.  It is better to create a shortcut to it on the desktop for ease of use.  Whenever you need to manage a file you have to click on the icon.  Upon clicking, the program will direct you to a window where you will have all your files.  On the window you can perform the specific task without any hitch.

The interface is easy, simple and user friendly.  Moreover, there is no specific systemic requirement to set up and run this program.


It can resolve error messages like file name is too long; Access is denied: not able to delete files; Cannot delete file: unable to read from disk or source file; sharing violation; unable to delete folder or file: The file name specified is too long; Please specify some other file name; the file is in use by another user or program; The destination file or source file is in use etc.  You can even scan your disk drive for files that have path names longer than 255 characters.  With the help of this, you can even unlock files locked by some other program.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6