Trouble with Managing Exceptionally Long Files? Try Long Path Tool

End filename too long troubles even with the latest Windows Explorer version with Long Path Tool

What is the Long Path Tool?

Long Path Tool is a utility that has been created to reduce troubles with long file names. Long file names occur even when using the latest Windows Explorer version or FAR in managing your files. Exceptionally long file names are very hard to manage; these are troublesome to delete, unlock, copy and even simply changing file names. Long Path Tool will help manage these kinds of files to keep your computer system running efficiently. At present, Long Path Tool version 4.8.3 is available for download online at

The Long Path Tool difference

Long Path Tool is not just useful in managing very long files but it is also an indispensable tool in deciphering and managing error messages that are very common in path too long scenarios. Error messages such as “Path too long – aborting,” “Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk,” “There has been a sharing violation,” “The source or destination file may be in use,” “The file is in use by another program or user,” “Error Deleting File or Folder,” “Error Copying File or Folder,” “Path too deep,” “Destination Path Tool Long” or “Path tool long installer unable to modify path,” are just some of the most common error messages that are encountered by users every day. Long Path Tool will allow you to access files manage files or solve error messages as they happen.

Long Path Tool will handle pathnames even as far as the limit of 32,000 characters; this is hundred times greater than the allowable Windows Explorer or FAR will fail to manage. Long Path Tool will also scan faster compared to other programs no matter how long or how inaccessible files may be.

Long Path Tool will also help users manage system files that are causing trouble and affecting the speed of access to saved files. It can delete system locked files even files that are found in network folders. Let Long Path Tool crawl in your system and find files that you want to delete or manage even files that have more than 200 characters.

Long Path Tool has a very easy to use and simple interface. But despite its simple concept, it has a lot of file management options for users. Aside from the above mentioned features, it may also close files or applications that uses a particular file, can delete files after system reboot and so many more. You can end looking for a suitable program that will cut the hassles of dealing with terribly long files and all the stress of using these files with the Long Path Tool.

This utility is versatile and efficient, it can work with any Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server versions including 2012 version.

Installing and using Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is downloadable online at after downloading the utility, create an icon on your desktop or tool bar so you can easily access the tool. By simply clicking this icon, you will be able to manage any kind of long filename or file too long errors. There are no additional system requirements to use the Long Path Tool. There is only one window to use and therefore it makes long file and inaccessible file management easier and faster.

Long Path Tool updates

Each day, new and more updated, and complicated, files, sites and programs are created. And with these, there are more risks of accessing, downloading and managing long files. With your download of the Long Path Tool, you will have exclusive free updates as well as free technical support to assist you with long file management. Get ready to receive free trial versions of the latest applications and programs that will certainly help you manage your files more efficiently along with the Long Path Tool.

Questions about the Long Path Tool

If you have never heard about the Long Path Tool despite having trouble with too long file names or managing filename too long errors then you should check out what this utility is all about. There are a lot of online resources like articles, videos, step by step instructions and blogs about the Long Path tool to help users deal with this kind of files. And if you are someone that has used programs that are intended for long file name management then you should try using Long Path Tool. Try and compare it with other tools that you may have used before and see how convenient, simple and very efficient Long Path Tool is!

Version 4.8.3 of the Long Path Tool is waiting for you online!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6