Too long path

Do you use your computer daily? Nowadays most of us can’t live a day without it. Everything we have is in our computers and we can’t imagine losing some files there. Computers are really helpful and useful, and we have several OS to choose from. The vast majority of people, even more than 90% choose Windows OS which means 9 out of 10 persons have it. We love Microsoft for high quality, regular updates and convenient interface.

With no doubt Windows has numerous pluses and deserves to be number one; however, it is not a secret that it has many unfixed bugs that can damage the system, delete files, make the machine extremely slow, show plenty of error messages with no explanation how to fix them and all in all spoil your mood completely. That is why many people hate Microsoft: many problems sometimes make it quite difficult to use the system. Then users try to find answers on the Internet and can’t fine them, Windows doesn’t have any solutions either. The most annoying errors are about file managing: it is a really painful when you can access something you need right now.

According to numerous topics on different forums, every Windows user bumps into that error at least once. There are many reasons why files and folders with long names were created: it could be another system, adware or, which is the worst, viruses. If you think that rebooting the system or deleting the program or virus will help, unfortunately it is not. They can make damage to your system, make it run slow, use ,a lot of space on the disk, create suspicious sub folders or do many other things that you don’t need. If you try to delete, remove, open or move those files and folders, you fail. It can be even more complicated, if file with a short name got into a huge list of subfolders and now you can’t access it. No surprise that Windows users turn to Internet to try to find the simple solution, and that’s where Long Path Tool can help.

Windows Explorer goes with FAR manager and they are used by the users who don’t know about their limited functionality. Most of the time it is not a big of a deal, but when you face an error then it is an unpleasant surprise. The problem lies in filenames, path names and folder names which can’t be longer than 255 characters. If you think about it, it is not that much and even Explorer favorites have longer names. Viruses and adware tend to create even longer names. If you try managing them, you will face errors like Too long path, File name too long, winrar 260 character limit fix, Destination Path Too Long and many others. Those errors are self explanatory and they tell why it is impossible no manage files, but they don’t explain how to get rid of them. Actually, there are usually only 2 buttons: cancel and skip.

Long Path Tool is the solution that you need: it really works and it can fix errors once and for good. We know that there are numerous programs on the Net and they all say that they are helpful. However, most of them are very complicated and take a lot of space on the disk. Others may not work at all, especially on the oldest Windows versions. Long Path Tool is the unique in a way that it is a combination of functionality and simplicity. It can help you to find hidden files, or when they stored in the huge list of subfolders or have very long names. It will allow you managing files: you can open, delete, rename and move everything you want without limits and annoying Windows regulations. Forget about path too long or filename too long errors.

With Long Path Tool you can easily replace the current file manager that is installed in Windows automatically. It works on all versions including the oldest ones: Windows 95, WinME, WinXP and many others. It doesn’t matter if you still prefer to use Windows 95, Long Path Tool is the only program on the net that will work smoothly, without bugs and errors. You will never see boring mistakes again and 255 characters limit won’t be a headache for you. Now you can have 32,000 characters for naming files, which is really impressive.

Long Path Tool is not only a file manager; it can fix almost all errors concerning files and folder. For instance, how you ever faced an error “The source or destination file may be in use”? if yes, it probably happened when you tried to delete files and the reason is that those files are locked by Explorer on purpose to avoid system damage. However, very often it locks files that are harmless but take space in the disk and you need deleting them. In that case, Long Path Took is the most simple and quick way to do it. Besides, it knows how to schedule files’ deleting and it can do it with the next reboot. It also can just kill the process that doesn’t allow managing files.

Long Path Tool was developed to suit every Windows user: even if you’re a beginner you can easily get acquainted with the program. Besides, it is simple to download and install. You should only go to the official site and press the downloading button. It won’t take longer than a minute and installation is even faster. After that it is ready to serve you and if you want Long Path Tool to be near at hand just create a desktop icon and access it with a click. Each time Windows shows you errors just let the program navigate to the bothering file and do all operations that you need including copying, deleting and so on. You can use either buttons below or drop down menu above. If you don’t know how to navigate to the file, just drag and drop it into the window and Long Path Tool will do it automatically. Moreover, it is possible to have it in the file directory menu to send all filed directly to the Tool.

Long Path Tool can easily do what Windows file manager can’t do. Besides, it has many additional features that were not added in other file managers: it can quickly scan and rename everything in seconds. Moreover, it is very simply to download and install and doesn’t required any payments in advance. You can use a trial version and if you like it, upgrade it to the premium one. Of course the trial one doesn’t have all the function but it is also very helpful and versatile. Long Path Tool is very basic and there is no any additional software required, that is why it can work on every Windows version. If you get confused, on the official website there are explanatory videos about the program.

There are many programs on the Net that are not very trustworthy and they do nothing. Long Path Tool has proved itself as a permanent solution to problems. Besides, it is in development and new functions are added quite often. It doesn’t matter if you use a trial version or a premium one, you can get all upgrades and newest information for free, as well as get support from us. You should only register the email at the official website and Bob’s your uncle.

If you use a trial version and decided to become a premium user, you can easily upgrade it through the official site. Unlike many other programs, that can only offer you a year of service, Long Path Tool will be a lifetime solution for all problems. You can also have this program for the commercial usage. Besides, pensioners, students and veterans get a discount.



Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6