The best path too long tool : Long Path Tool

The long path tool has turned out to be an extremely handy application. The program helps its users to delete content, which has being blocked by the system as it comprises of a long path name. The package comprises of many features which increases its popularity among the commoners. The process of unlocking files is done with ease, with the long path tool. There could be tough situation when the user might want to personally remove programs from the disk; this is when the path tool software comes in hand. The physical removal of closed or open programs from the disk can be done in seconds with the delete long path tool.

Foolproof deletion

The basic advantage of the long path tool when compared with the most conventional software includes the ability to fool proof any kind of accidental deletion. As the program deletes the file, the content would be shifted into the recycle bin; thereby the user has a chance of regaining the lost data if needed. The program does not delete a file forever.

Technical requirements

The program is easy to use and has a low requirement profile for installation. It just occupies 3MB in the hard disk and 7MB of the RAM. The long path tool is a licensed software package which comes in two versions. One is where the user gets to download a trial version of the program. If the consumer gets satisfied with the demo version of the software they could buy the full pack. The program is only 820kB and works in all operating system platforms. The long path tool is compatible windows 2K, XP, Vista or Window 7×64. It has turned out to be an effectual file management software. In most software download websites, the tool has got a full rating of five or ten stars.

Error messages

By default the computer systems have allocated 256 characters from the path names. If it identifies the path of a file assigned for coping, renaming or deleting to be longer the following kind of error messages would pop up.

1)      Cannot delete file: Access is denied

2)      The file is in use by another program or user

3)      There has been a sharing violation

4)      The source or destination file may be in use

5)      Make sure the disk is not full or write protected

When these kinds of messages arise, the long path tool turns out to be helpful. It handles the scenario by changing the lower bound path limit to 32000 characters. When the internal transform is done, no path would be too long for the windows platform. Apart from the changing of the path length size, the long path tool also helps its users to optimize their file usage.

1)      The long path helps in the deletion of files which gets mapped from the network folders.

2)      The package unloads a locking process

3)      It omits the files which is not valid

4)      Closes the application which uses the file to be amended.

5)      It can enlist the set of file paths that has more than 200 characters.

The long path tool has abundant number of benefits, it is versatile when it comes to file maintenance.


The best path too long tool is Long Path Tool

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6