The user friendly long path tool

The long path tool helps users to delete files which have a long path. The act of trying to modify certain files that has a long name would devour an error message. Nevertheless there are no such paths which are too long for the system to maintain or modify. The error would cause tremendous amounts of frustration to the computer users. The time taken to rectify this error without the professional software would turn out to be an act of failure, which has the capability to kill a user’s valuable time. The message stating “the path is too long” or the wordings “cannot read from source file” would be faced by many commercial users. This is a moment when people tend to curse the novel methods of computerization.

The denial of file paths

The reason behind the above messages is that, the functions carried out on the file have an internal effect on the computer. All the same, the long path tool eradicates the scenario where the file cannot be deleted, the folder cannot be deleted or the act of copying a file from one location to another is denied. The long path tool also helps the easy sharing of information between files and folders. The functionality of the system is restored with the long path file systems.

Why do we get the errors?

The window system works on files which has a path that gets contained within 255 characters. When the numbers of characters in the file or folder path exceeds the utmost limit it gives an error. The long path tool works with more than 30 thousand characters. Therefore the lower limit on the number of character gets replaced with a larger value. The increase is in thousands so there is no chance by which the system could devour another “path too long” error message.

Friendly solution

The long path tool is easy to use and comes with a simple instruction manual. The fixer has an effective user interface that is extremely user friendly. The navigation through the long path tool could be done in a predominant way. The program is not being designed for computer geeks. The tool is for all commercial and technical users who would work with the file system. With the long path tool, the user gets an opportunity to delete any kind of undeletable content.

Enhanced compatability

The long path tool does not demand for a highly sophisticated system. It works on a variety of platforms, ranging from the simple windows XP to the novel Windows 7. The benefits of the program could be experienced from the point of installation. The file search is done with the system in a rapid manner. The tool allows the user to delete the locked files and folders. The mapped network files can be demolished with the long path tool. No path is long for the software.

The long path tool comes in a trial version which is totally free. The basic utilities of the packages can be enjoyed before the whole program is purchased. The long path tool is extremely easy to use and has many unrecognized features. One has to install the package settings before the full tool can be experienced.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6