In today’s advanced world and fast moving technology each one of us needs knowledge of computers and never the less it is indeed helpful to us too. Today in there is no business without the use of computers, may it be a big or small business, organization or a simple shop, Computer is a necessity. Have you seen any where that any business without computers is running today? Many of you go and opt for 10 odd computer courses today keeping in mind your interest into the one. The basic course is done by many of you which is commonly seen. In these basic courses they teach you MS-Office. Now this MS-Office also has many of the issues while we work on it. There are no classes or trainers in this world, who will teach you the use of the entire system and will give you the knowledge of the entire program related to its running and so.

Many a times, we face a problem in copying of a certain file or in deleting a certain file. This problem occurs generally in the case of being the Specified path is too long showing an error “cannot Copy File- Path Too Long”. It gives you an error after every one hour by popping up a dialogue box on your screen giving you the message of the error continuously. Even after trying the different network servers or may be by trying to drag that particular file on the different desktops will not solve the problem easily. Specified path is too long becomes really very irritating then, to seek solution for such problems after spending your precious time on these tedious tasks and still not getting a proper solution over it. Specified path is too long is a very critical and complex problem faced by many of us. It has a very rare solution but not impossible to solve it.

Solution to the error “Specified path is too long”:

The best solution to such a problem of Specified path is too long errors shown to you continuously after long hour’s efforts, where in you cannot copy the text, or file or content or even delete a file, is to reduce the length of the path to less than 256 letters or characters. By reducing the characters the file will be helped with ease to run efficiently and smoothly whenever required by you. For this, you have an option in the windows explorer, select a folder on the level above the error giving folder and then just right click on the same folder and select the option of rename. After doing this you need to rename the folder that returns the error of Specified path is too long to you in order to reduce the letters or characters in that folder or file for the smooth functioning of that particular folder. Renaming the file will solve the problem of Specified path is too long; the files deeper than the maximum path and will no longer exist to give you trouble. So always try and reduce the letters to 256 characters. There are also online tools available to resolve this problem these days.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6