The specified path is too long

The specified path is too long’ is one of the common file related error messages that are displayed on the screen. If the computer is unable to manage, unlock or rename one or more files, it will flag an error message. In such cases, you should go through various kinds of solutions. Deployment of ‘long path tool’ is one stop solution for all your needs. By installing the application which can be downloaded from the web, you will address all your file related errors without any difficulty.

The Long path tool can be deployed in any windows based computer. Right from Windows 95 to the latest Windows 7, you can deploy the application on any OS and required operations can be performed in an effortless manner. The operations that you were unable to perform through Windows Explorer or FAR can be performed through ‘long path tool’. It is not only the issues that are related to files and folders but also the issues that are related with pets can be addressed in an efficient manner. The long path tool is a wonderful program which can handle up to 32000 characters. Traditional operating systems can handle up to 255 characters only.

By installing ‘long path tool’, you will no longer come across error messages like ‘the specified path is too long’. The simple and easy to use interface will address all your concerns and you will rename, delete, copy and move files without any resistance. No error messages are displayed after installing the long path tool. The files that are present in other drives and networks and hidden files in the system will be accessed and modified as per your commands. The light weight software will not consume resources of your computer and there will not be any performance issues after the installation of the long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6