The specified file or folder name is too long

Do you feel annoyed by Windows error messages? Do they pop up every time you time to delete, cope or open some files in your system? If you can say yes then you know the feeling of losing the access to your files and folders, especially when you need them right here and right now. The most frequent problem is long names of files, folders and paths. Long Path Tool is a small program that will take away the headache and fix error messages. It can work even on the oldest Windows versions because problem also appears on all versions. If you’re wondering why Microsoft hasn’t done anything so far since with their recourses it is possible to do everything, then they don’t give an answer. Usually you need to go and search for explanations, which are complicated. Below you can find why it is happened and how to get rid of it explained in a simply way.

Reason for receiving error messages

Windows OS has many regulations and limitations and all in all fare from perfection. In this case it limits filenames and path destinations to 255 characters even though system can handle 32,000 characters. But most of the time it is not even 255, which is not that many at all, it’s less. There are many reasons why and no official answer from Microsoft, but we can assume it is for safety reasons because those files can take a lot of space on the disk. So, when you’re trying to manage files in any way like open, rename, delete or close you receive error messages of all kind. Besides, sometimes Explorer locks files that you need to delete and that become an impossible task. The list of error messaged is extremely huge and below there are some of them:

So, what would you do, of you need to delete, copy, rename or move the files or navigate to the path? Because those could be created by viruses, adware and other programs and even damage your system. Well, the only solution Microsoft has is to move the files into hidden directory and forget about them. This is not a good idea because of possible damage.

Actually, Microsoft provided users with more headache than a solution because when you can’t even see files, it is harder to do something. Internet manuals advice to change settings but that is a tricky task even for experience users, not speaking about beginners. All in all, if you were able to find files, you still can’t manage them. Of course, as an owner of the computer you should be able to copy, rename and delete files without any limitations and when you want.

So, at this point it can look as an impossible task that only specialists can perform. However, it is not true. As it was said, Windows shell can handle names up to 32,000 characters long, you just need something to go around rules. Long Path Tool knows how to bypass them and can work easily with all files and navigate to all paths in your system.

Long Path Tool is a simple but powerful program

Long Path Tool is a very simple tool that was designed with a friendly interface to serve everybody including beginners. It has wide range of functions and doesn’t take much space on the disk. So, it doesn’t matter if you have just started to use PC or have it for a long time, Long Path Tool will help you. If you continue bumping into Windows error messages and want to forget about it, it is for you. Don’t worry about files that you can’t find, they are at your service in the program and from there you can manage all of them as you want. Long Path Tool is a very simple way to solve many annoying problems.

How to download and use

Long Path Tool is available on the official website It doesn’t require registration and you only need to click on the button. Downloading process is very quick and won’t take more than a minute. After that you need to extract files from the downloaded folder which is also very quick process. If you create a desktop icon, Long Path Tool will be at hand all the time. The program doesn’t have any special requirements and additional software: all you need is a Windows version of any kind, including Windows 2000, Windows Server 2000, Windows NT, Windows 8, 95, Windows 2003, 98, Me, Windows 7, XP, Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012 and many others starting from the oldest ones.

If you still don’t know about downloading it, there is a trial version available that can be used for a while before upgrading it to the premium one. Even if you choose to stick to a trial one, you can get updates, support and information about Long Path Tool updates for free. The only thing you need to do is to register an email on the official website and receive regular info. We don’t spam and don’t send advertisements, only stuff concerning files management. For those, who choose to upgrade Long Path Tool to a premium version there are much more function available. It includes many different ways of deleting locked files, or killing processes that don’t allow managing files or even delete files as scheduled (for instance, with the next reboot).

The functionality of the premium version is amazing and includes options like:

  • Making hidden files visible and manageable
  • Closing files that were lockes by a program or by Explorer
  • Copying, renaming, deleting and moving files with long names in less than a second. It also can work with paths and folders
  • Deleting or moving files located in a long set of subfolders

Long Path Tool can help you with any problem and for a small program it is pretty impressive. At present it is the only program that is simple, doesn’t take much space on the disk and functional. Just click the desktop icon and new window will be opened for you to manage folder and files as well as navigate through subfolders. If you don’t know the path to the file you can simply drag and drop it and the program will do the rest automatically. Troubleshooting bothering errors have never been easier.

Feel free to contact us

Long Path Tool is made for your convenience and your opinion is important to us via It doesn’t matter if you a trial version user or a premium one, we are there for you to solve problems, answer to complain or submit a suggestion. We constantly develop the program and if you have ideas about improving the Tool, please don’t hesitate to share with us.

We also can provide you with the newest information about the file management. Give Long Path Tool a chance and never be bothered with Windows OS errors again.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6