The best path too long software – Long Path Tool

With the long path tool around, files which generate the “path too long” error, is no more a problem for anyone. The software package is developed to delete the folders and files that comprises of very long path names. It has the enhanced ability to correct the corrupted file paths. The user does not need to follow any kind of tough processes, when they want to delete such files or folders. The long path problem could be caused due to a virus, malware or the default settings of an operating system.

The different versions

The long path tool has undergone several transformations. The initial version solved the problems devoured by the long paths. Nevertheless the newer edition of the package has the intrinsic ability to delete copy and rename the files which is mapped in network directories. The trial version of the long path tool does not entertain the actual deletion. Only when the package is bought, the application completes the file management activities. The software is exceedingly user friendly. It does not have a DOS prompt and works fully with the GUI. This is the most appealing part of the software.

End user product

The long path tool runs without a complex installation procedure. The package however does come with a standard set of guidelines. The long path tool is a standalone application. The processes involved in the file handling are simple and easy. The user is expected to browse the file that has to be deleted of copied. The application will then load the file into its borders and solve the inability problem.

Common problem

The most common flaw arises because the windows operating system has a file path of 255 characters. This is a lower bound for some files and folders. The long path tool changes this file path size of the operating system to 30000 characters, when such files are dealt. With the above alteration, coping and deleting of files can be done by the explorer, without a hassle.

No more violation faults

The long path tool is developed as an end user product. The interface and its functionality are being proven to work. The application is versatile and can delete files which are locked. The errors, that occur when a file is used by another user or application is subsided with the long path tool. The program has the aptitude to clear away any kind of sharing violation faults.

No more path problems

When the path of a destination file in the personal computers is too long, the accessibility of the file becomes tricky. If the file or folder is affected by a virus, the user will not be, normally allowed to access it under a windows platform. When the above scenarios arise, the long path tool is the perfect remedy. It effortlessly clears the problems and devours an apt solution. Apart from the conventional methods, the long path utility does own several different methods, to suit with the complexity of the file system. It has a persistent way of handling the locked files and folders. The best path too long software is Long Path Tool is a software package that is simple, easy to use and portable.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6