The short solution to a long path

The short solution to a long path an ingenious solution to a long time computer problem

Like many people around the world, I myself have a laptop that is always with me and I usually use my laptop as a storage for all the important files in relation to my work and also my personal life as well. Organizing these files inside the different folders might sound like it is the easiest thing to do in the world. But there are many problems when I try to place a name and sometimes the computer would say that the path is too long or the file name and extension is too long. There are other problems more complicated than naming the file in your computer and I myself have experienced this one. A common example is an error that says “Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk”, usually i just leave it like that for the whole time but there would be a time wherein you would look at your desktop and realize that there is too much folders that is starting to be an eyesore. A simple solution that people does is to search for the answer in Goggle but most of the time people find it hard to follow the steps in the Internet. Another problem that might occur is that your time actually is consumed by these different steps and therefore it can affect the amount of work that you could finish. Luckily there is a program that would make it easier for you to solve these different problems and this program is called the “Long Path Tool” which is available in I myself used this program and it helped me a lot. In this article I would be giving the different ways on how the Long Path Tool can help you to solve your daily computer problems.

Long Path Tool is generally a program that can help you if your having the problems like: deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files. This problems actually are still lingering until this day. Long Path Tool is available throughout the different operating systems and surprisingly it can still support the old geezer Windows 95! Well, this is the main feature of Long Path Tool but it also has these other skills which it can use so that your computer can work more effectively. Deleting some files might be easy but certain files that is used by the system is hard to delete. Long Path Tool wold help you to eliminate this problem through an interface that can can be easily understood without having technical knowledge with regards to computers. After you use the Long Path Tool, messages like “cannot delete file folder’ or “error copying file or folder” would just be  a thing of the past. Lastly, Long Path Tool would help you to rename your file names no matter how long it is. You can actually have path names up to 32,000 characters.

Long Path Tool is probably one of the easiest program that assists in helping technical problems in the market today. All you need to do is to download Long Path Tool from their website which is They have instructions that is easy to follow when installing the program in your computer. You can also create a shortcut of Long Path Tool to your desktop so that it would be more convenient to you if ever you want to access it, all you need to do is to click the icon and it will show you an interface that can be easily understood. The interface would clearly show the options wherein you can delete, rename, open, and even move the files in your computer without worrying about error messages that usually occurs.

In conclusion, Long Path Tool is overall a good program that can help you with simple problems in your computer with regards to your files and folders. I can say that this program definitely helped me in a great way because it saved me time and I won’t need technical assistance from an expert ever again. Long Path Tool is somewhat like a technical assistance but the difference is that you could access it just by a click and it is insanely fast when it solves these problems inside the computer.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6