The professional tool – Long path tool

Long path tool is a good help when finding errors in managing files and folders in your PC. You often find errors which involve difficulty in renaming, copying and deleting files. Many times these occur stating that it is because the name of the file is big. It also suggests that sometimes the path name of the destination folder is too long for the shift, rename or editing on that file to happen successfully. Whenever you are deleting or editing a file, it should be immediately done as it is actually an urgent need for it to be deleted or renamed or even copied. But such messages stop the necessary change to happen and hamper the process. Path long tool helps you to get rid of such problems which you can download from its website.

Tackling errors

You may be familiar with the errors as they occur quite frequently with pretty much everyone. Sometimes working on a file and suddenly you want to delete or move it and it prompts an error stating the file is being used by another person or program. It says that you need to shut down that program to make that action possible. It even prompts saying that the file being used cannot be deleted. It is on you to identify these errors so that you can use the path long tool to correct these. This tool ensures that you are able to delete, copy or rename the erring file as and when required. This can also be used when you experience such an error while unlocking a file or folder. This tool is effectively for people experiencing such errors even with the latest and genuine windows installed. This is especially for the regular 255 characters error that you get. What this tool does is increases the capacity of character handling to a good thirty thousand internal character limit.

Identifying and installing

To be able to identify such a character limit error that is due to the long path name of a file or folder, you need to experience a few or know what are actually characterized as these errors. These errors will firstly not allow you to delete, copy and rename such files and folders that are claimed to have a long path name. These are mentioned above to recognize them in this category. Next you can download and install the path long tool which will make the presence of such errors be eliminated from your usage.

After you install it you can view all the files with long path names and such errors in the interface that is provided by the software. Use this interface to rename, copy, delete or move all such files without any errors. The software is compatible with most of the windows operating systems and is easily available. All you need to do is accept the settings and let it handle such long path files for them to not give you errors while being managed.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6