The Must Have Tool for your Business!

If you have had to delete, move, copy, or rename a large file, you know that it can sometimes become a frustration process.  Error messages telling you it’s not allowed can be exasperating.

Now there’s a tool you can download to your PC that will literally change the way you manage your files and folders.  The Long Path Tool was created to minimize the annoying process of these management duties.

The Long Path Tool is an easy to use solution.  IT is designed to provide you with a simple way of managing your files as you require.

No more frustrating errors to tell you deleting is not allowed, or access is denied, or file is too long.  With the simple download and set up of this tool you can easily move through your files and management at will.  You can change names, delete, copy, or rename them by simply accessing the tool from your desk top or start up menu.

Updates are available regularly and support is available as needed.

Envision actuality being able to manage your files faster and more efficiently without those annoying error messages. Imagine moving freely about; deleting, renaming, and copying files as you like! The power to control your files in your hands, not the computers – nice!

This program is usable with any Windows Operating System, including 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It’s easy! You will be able to download this program at and you can even watch the tutorial video to provide you with the best understanding of how this tool will help you.  Imagine being able to begin managing your files within moments of downloading this software! Set up is easy and The Long Path Tool is ready when you are. Download your Long Path Tool today!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6