The Long Path Tool is the newest Solution to Manage Files

The Long Path Tool (LPT) is something that almost every computer could use. It has the ability to unlock, delete, rename and copy files or folders that are listed as path too long. The LONG PATH TOOL is incredibly beneficial for users who are having trouble in managing files that are considered to have a filename which is too long by their computers’ operating system.

Generally, if you are attempting to do anything with a folder or a file that has more than 255 characters, you may receive error messages such as ‘path too long’, ‘destination path too long’, ‘can’t delete file, path too long’. This completely prohibits you from being able to manage files that are on your own computer.

The LONG PATH TOOL is designed to assist you with managing these files that you wouldn’t usually be able to work with. You are able to simply download the LONG PATH TOOL to your computer. The LONG PATH TOOL is compatible with most Windows operating systems, including Windows 95. Once you have this innovative software downloaded to your computer, it is recommended that you add an icon to your desktop so that you are able to access the software more quickly. Now, when you receive a file too long error, you will be able to conveniently click on your LONG PATH TOOL icon and will be directed to a new window that will display all of your files. From this new window, you will be able to easily delete, open, rename and move files instantly. The LONG PATH TOOL is designed to handle files that have up to 32k characters.

This has become one of the best ways to manage the files on your computer. They are able to remove your files and you should be able to access them. Users are not only impressed with the new control that they have over their files but they also enjoy the tech and customer support that is offered in addition to the LONG PATH TOOL. Even during a free trial offer, you will have access to amazing customer support to help you as an assistant. You will also have amazing access to updates for new applications. Not only is the LONG PATH TOOL incredibly beneficial to users but it is user friendly. You will not need to read a lot of information or learn how to use this software once it is downloaded. It is as simple and clicking and managing files, just as your files would be that did not produce errors.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6