THE LONG PATH TOOL- A utility to use for eliminating errors

THE LONG PATH TOOL- A utility to use for eliminating errors

Any computer which has the Microsoft Windows as the operating system is able to run the Long Path Tool, from Microsoft Windows 95 to the latest version of Windows. The tool is able to delete, copy, rename, modify, edit or even move the files that have paths too long and the operating system is not able to read. When Windows is not able to read such files it send error messages. Some of these messages may be as “The source or destination file may be in use.”. The Long Path Tool is able to help the users who receive this type of messages. The bad side of these errors is that they do not allow to the users to do any of the actions they desire to apply on folders or files. But with the help of this tool users won’t meet this problem again and if they do will easy skip it.

Windows has a limit of 255 characters called internal limit. If the paths or names of files and folders over run this limit then Windows will warn the users with messages which will contain information which are perceived as errors by users. These messages appear when users try to apply actions on this type of files or folders. To let where they are the files that users want to delete or move when these errors occur will result an unnecessary load of the hard disk space.  Therefore Windows won’t have enough free space to perform its functions.

There are some manual solutions for users to perform to get rid of these problems. But most of them are useless and even if users will try all of the manual solutions there is a big probability that the problem will remain unsolved. This is why it is recommended to use software developed for such issues. Some of them are not compatible with all operating systems. But there is the Long Path Tool which has been created by Windows especially for all Windows versions.

No need to know much about managing software or to ask help from a IT specialist. Beside the friendly interface and easy options that software provides to its users, the Long Path Tool software’s developer offers to the users the customer support service. The Long Path Tool is available online and because the trial version does not allow managing all type of files and folders it is recommended to purchase the full version.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6