The long path tool – a new solution for file management

The long path tool is in fact an extraordinary piece of software devised to get rid of number of difficulties found during file management. It is capable of searching files which have exceeding than two hundred fifty-five characters and provides you several options for tackling with them. It is ideal for majority of the operating systems and easy to use. Working with the tool of this file management would enable you to obtain satisfactory result while you spend your time on personal computer.

Utility of the software

Prior to the period of existence of this software, it was often found to finish up with all sorts of complications with files which were containing more than two hundred fifty characters. Time and again, the files could not be utilized or renamed even. All these have changed now. With the simple clicking of the mouse you can now resolve all these problems very quickly. It is capable of unlocking the problem files such as opening them up, renaming them or erasing them. This specific software has been developed empowering it to tackle with path names which are having as far as thirty-two thousand characters. It has the option of downloading straight from the site that becomes easier for the users to continue with it uninterruptedly. When set up, this would generate an icon on your desktop. On clicking this icon you would be able to find see all the files in a window. Through this window you can browse all those files in any manner you like.

Easy to use

The manufacturers of long path tool had designed it in such a way that is very easy to use. Even a person having no knowledge or technical abilities can utilize this tool properly and very easily. The other notable thing which the designers of the tool ensured that usability of the product becomes compatible with majority of the operating systems.

Lifetime support services

As often found with on year’s guarantee of customer support which is usually being provided by various software firs, the manufacturer of this device offer you with lifetime support services. The same benefit is obtainable with free trial version also. Moreover, in order to make sure that the users get the maximum benefit from the software, they would also provide new strategies to extract most benefits from the program and also send email messages. Long path tool is unique software which offers a new dimension to the file management.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6