The Growing Popularity of Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is a simple application developed to solve the issue of long path files from a computer system. This tool does not have any complications, hence making it easy to use. It has a number of features and is usable by all individuals effortlessly. LPT is compatible with most computer systems because it does not have special configuration settings. This paper will discuss the most significant benefits of Long Path Tool.

Use long path tool to list long path files

The main issue with Windows operating system is that it does not support files with path names of more than 255 characters. The system displays error messages when we try to rename, delete or copy such files. However, we cannot let such files remain in the computer system because it occupies vast space in the hard disk, making the machine slow and inept. Other softwares stop working smoothly because of the presence of such files.

Such problems are even more regular while working on a network environment. Generally files with more than 255 characters are required when a backup of data is created. However, with the Windows OS, those files are saved but become inaccessible due to system error messages.


Long Path Tool has been specially designed to overcome these issues. It gives a sleek interface to work on and files with long pathnames can be easily accessed and recovered.


ü  Rogue files can be easily searched from local area network search. This tool easily works on local network.

ü  It saves the history of search in the place where the file is saved. The folder where the application is saved contains all relevant information.

ü  The list may also be saved in the same file.

Download Long Path Tool If You Can Not Delete Files3

Desktops and C drive of computer systems must be regularly cleaned up. During this cleaning process, files are obviously required to be deleted. Files and folders are regularly required to be checked and if not needed, it should be deleted immediately. However, some files refuse to get dumped because they have more than 255 characters. Error messages are displayed saying ‘file name too long to delete’.

It is not a virus

Usually people ignore these messages assuming it to be due to a viral infection. However, no antivirus can solve this problem because this is just a system error due to long filename. Hence, people start buying expensive antiviruses to recover the files, which is totally worthless.

The reason

Windows OS does not support files with filenames of more than 255 characters. When we try to save and access such files with longer path names, it displays error messages saying ‘file name is too long to delete’.

Long Path Tool has been designed to get rid of this problem effortlessly. It can be easily downloaded online and installed in the computer system to overcome this problem. It is highly recommended to download the tool from its website to get error-free and correct application.

Long Path File Utility Keeps Up With System Performance

Files of Applies Section of Microsoft Office programs usually create most problems. Numbers of error messages are popped up when we try to open files of this section. Some common error messages are mentioned below:

  • File could not be accessed.
  • Filename not valid.
  • Filename could not be found.
  • The path entered too long.

Custom built libraries

Such DDE errors need to be solved by the computer operating system. File handlers manage the troubleshooting section so such scenarios would depend on it. These issues are difficult to handle as file management is a complex task. This is the point when Long Path Tool comes to the rescue solving such tricky issues within seconds. It has a number of built in features. Custom made libraries immediately portray the error recovery process.

Click of a button

Microsoft Customizable Alert files are built in the Long Path tool that resolves the issue with a click of a button. Whenever such error message appears, it has to be taken to the installed application. The application would recognize the location of the error and start the process of recovery right away.

Sustainable interface

This tool allows filenames of up to 32000 characters easily. This modification of field size memory provides a smooth interface to work on and improves performance of the processor thus making computer system more user-friendly.


Hence, it can be concluded that Long Path Tool is a consistent application that can solve tricky issues of computer system within a few seconds and that too without any extra efforts and most importantly, it is very reasonable and easy to download. It improves the overall system of the machine making it faster and smoother. It can be easily used by beginners and is totally comprehensible.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6