the filename is too long cannot delete

“The filename is too long cannot delete” fix

Although it is not recommended at all, you could delete system preserved or system locked files using the long path tool. If a system file has more than 255 characters in the destination path name, an attempt to delete the file will show an error message and the message will depict “the filename is too long cannot delete”. Moreover, a lot of error messages are linked up with a long path file name. Had it been the reason, you might use the long path tool for deleting system locked files. However, before deleting the system locked file, you must have to understand the dangers related to it. If you do not understand the function of the file or folder, deleting the system preserved file or system locked files might lead to losing all of your system data. That is why before proceeding, we expect that you know what you are deleting.

the filename is too long cannot delete
Filename Too Long for Destination Folder fix

Let us look how you can delete the system preserved or system locked files with long path name. There is no way around except using the long path tool, if you are going to delete a file with long path names. For this reason, at first, go for the download. After downloading the trial version, you need to install the software. The installation is pretty simple and you need not to worry about the compatibility as it works perfectly well with each and every version of Windows. In addition, it works great with Linux and Mac as well. That is why it does not really matter which operating system you are using currently. It has been designed in such way that it will perfectly in every platform available.

However, after installation, you need to run it as admin. After running the software as admin, you need to scroll down to the system locked or system preserved file with long path names. After reaching the file, you need to select it within the long path tool window. After selecting the file or folder, you just need to hit the “delete” button.

The “delete” button along with “copy to” and “rename” button will be found at the bottom. However, the delete button is located at the bottom left and hitting the delete button will solve your problem. Your system locked files with long path name will be long gone for good from the system. In the same way, you could be able to delete any file or folder using the long path tool. In truth, modifications of the files have never been this much easier, whether it is system preserved or not.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6