The error reporting function can be disabled from your system

The error reporting function can be disabled from your system

The Operating Systems installed on computers operate with many functions. One of these is the function called error reporting. With the help of this function the operating systems warns its users about the appearance of a problem an usually suggests a way of solving the problem.

The most usual action which users make every day on their computers is the manipulation of folders and files. Even this simple action asks the operating system to enable its functions. Some of the manipulation actions can provoke the enabling of the error reporting function. If it is enable the error reporting function will send to Windows a message. This message will be displayed to the users through a window. These messages can occur in case a folder or file has the path too long. The worst thing about these errors it that not only the users receive the message error but they will be stop to realize the action they want to do.

Most users don’t know how to administrate these problems. This is why Windows offer a online software. It is about Long Path Tool which is a tool that can be downloaded online. The Long Path Tool will provide easy handling of folders and files which have long extensions, paths or names.

The Long Path Tool software has been developed to be compatible to almost all variants of Windows. The Long Path Tool is not subordinate to the limit of 255 characters of Windows.

It is a simple software to install and it provide simple and fast handling. With the help of the mere and clean interface any users can use the software.

The error reporting function can be enabled when the users try to copy, rename or delete folders or files which have a name too long or a path too long. Messages like “Cannot remove the file”, “You have enter a path too long” or “Files can’t be copied” are generated by the function mentioned above. Use the Long Path Tool if you receive these type of errors. With the help of a window users will see all the folders and files from their computers and from the computers connected by a network. After a quick search in the new window users will be able to apply the action that they could not apply before using the Long Path Tool.

There is available costumer support online for both paid and trial versions.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6