The Best Way to Effortlessly Clear Up Long Filenames Pertaining to Destination Folder with Powerful and Versatile Long Path Tool

The Best Way to Effortlessly Clear Up Long Filenames Pertaining to Destination Folder with Powerful and Versatile Long Path Tool

This Long Path File device has been emerging as one of the best file management utilities aside from the FAR and windows explorer. If you are using windows operating system, there have been occasions when you have tried to delete some files which have been taking huge space on the hard disk. You might furthermore have tested to copy the files through the C drive to every other location. But whatever was the pursuit you were generally not very successful in either. Whether or not you tried to replicate, delete, remove, rename or open you were unsuccessful in each attempt and might not manage the data.

There are probably not many those who not encountered any dilemma with long path titles of files. Long path name files take innumerable space on the hard disk drive and can make the machine slow. Your computer can dangle and application software’s might have a problem in running on the machine. But when you will try to delete the actual files, it will present error messages.

The file management problem messages are mostly straightforward in regards to what is causing them. In particular, you may get either of the following error messages once you try to delete, replicate, rename, unlock, move or even open incredibly long data and folders.

  • Path too long,
  • Target Path Too Long
  • Windows delete path too long
  • The specified file or folder name is too long. The URL for files and folders must be 260 characters or less.
  • 0  80010135 Path too long
  • Cannot remove file or folder
  • File cannot be copied
  • Sharing violation
  • Error deleting file or folder
  • Error copying file or folder
  • The extension or file name is too long
  • Entered path is too long.

All these are file management lapses that result from trying to execute commands with filenames surpassing the 256 characters restricted by Windows OS. Windows has a pre-set cutoff of 256 characters in which you can’t execute files surpassing this extent. This leaves clients with a bigger number of inquiries than answers regarding what they ought to do with their vital individual and work records they are not prepared to lose on the grounds that they are not copying backup.

At times, the error messages are not palpable in a candid manner. When you try to open, remove or copy a file or folder, the error message can be as guileless as

  • Cannot Open
  • Cannot Copy
  • File or folder name could not be found
  • The file or folder could not be accessed.
  • Could not find this data.

A document might likewise not open accurately. Such records close quickly they open without any error-prone message. When you right click on the tricky documents, they provide you a limited number of choices in the right-click menu. Windows Explorer won’t run summons on a filename surpassing 256 characters and will rather demonstrate the Path Too Long error message.


Long Path Tool will handle pathnames even the extent that the cutoff of 32,000 characters; this is centenary times more noteworthy than the admissible Windows Explorer or FAR will neglect to oversee. Long Path Tool will also filter faster compared to other programs regardless of to what extent or how unavailable documents may be. Installing and running it will facilitate you to list all those files with a hefty address path.

System Requirements

Long Path Tool obliges no unique framework necessities or designs. It is perfect with all Windows Operating Systems. It is effectively usable with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and the later forms of Windows Server 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.


  • Download Long Path Tool at Presently, 4.8.3 version is accessible of Long Path Tool.
  • Create Long Path Tool icon on the desktop for ease of access.
  • Click on the icon to open the system at whatever point you need to oversee documents with long filenames.
  • The system opens the interface listing all folders and files.
  • Manage all files by renaming, copying, moving, removing and opening them without any stress of blunder.

Update procedure

Every day, new and more updated, and confounded, files, sites and programs are created. With these, there are additional dangers of managing, accessing and downloading long files. Long Path Tool; have restricted free updates as well as free technical support to assist you with long file management. Get prepared to get free trial variants of the most recent applications and projects that will absolutely help you oversee documents all the more effectively alongside the Long Path Tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6