The advantages for using long path tool

Long path tool is a kind of software which has been developed to overcome the problems that come up owing to blocked path and long path of files within your computer. As this is a software program that is manageable, therefore it leaves no hint inside the registry and in the event you need so, you can copy the same in any universal serial bus or USB and send it to any targeted location. The major window of the software is negligible and therefore enables you to do quite a lot of actions with one or two clicks. You would be having direct access to the folders and files which are saved in your computer thereby permitting you to look through and remove the needed folder or file.

Conversion and restoration facility

There is a provision of an inbuilt search engine in long path tool that is capable of scanning the computer and displaying the path of the folders or files that are possessing path name higher than the specific value. The results obtained can be changed to text and the chosen files could be copied, deleted or displaced to any other area from the window program itself. The other key aspect of the long path tool is that no permanent deletion of folder or any file takes place and in case you need the folder or the file, you can do so very easily.

Requirements for installation and advantages

In the event you like to install the long path tool program within your computer what you would need is at least 7 MB space in RAM and 3MB space inside the Hard Disk Drive. The advantages of long path tool software are its simple to utilize features that has simple and nice interface. There is no need for having any particular system requirements and it is well-matched with all sorts of operating systems. Through long path tool you can manage folders and files from a solitary location. You have the option of deleting files that are blocked in the system and you can enlist files and paths that are having path name exceeding than two hundred characters. For particular needs there is the provision of inbuilt search engine that displays all the files and folders. In view of the above stated aspects, it would not be exaggerated to claim that long path tool is an easy to utilize software and very much dependable also.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6