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Many times while working on your computer you would face several problems in file management. It may be in storing the files or copying the file to another folder or even while deleting the file. There would also be instances when you get error messages regarding path or errors in sharing files or folders and so on. You can get over these and many other problems by downloading the longpathtool. This is a program which is designed to make the computing easy and user friendly.

By adopting this program, you can adopt long file names; like even those having more than 255 characters. You can easily unlock the files and even get rid problems in sharing files. This software is also capable of getting rid of various issues relating to the file path as also problems in copying, deleting either the folder or the file. This software is compatible to Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and so on. This program is user friendly and it has very comfortable interface which makes working on the computer a wonderful experience.

You can set up this program in a just few minutes and you do not require any specialized assistance to download the program. By adopting this program you can get permanent solutions to many of the problems relating to file management. Visit the longpathtool to know more about the program.



Path Too Long; A thing of the past…

Path Too Long; A thing of the past…

The moment you receive that error message, for the umpteenth time; you wonder why something so seemingly simple would be so difficult.  Those unnerving error messages, telling you that you have been denied the task of deleting, renaming or coping a file you have chosen, can really frustrate you.  It’s your intention to keep your files well organized, but this constant error nuisance prohibits you from doing so. Isn’t there a solution to this problem?

Luckily, now there is.  It’s the Long Path Tool and it’s available to use on your Windows OS! Simply go to their site and download it, add it to your desk top and/or start menu and you’re ready to go. No special system requirements. It will work with systems as early as Windows 95 and 98, Windows XP, ME, 2000, NT, 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

You can say good-bye to those error messages like: cannot read file, or not valid, or too long, or cannot delete due to sharing violation.  It’s a simple download and set up of your icon and voila you’re ready. Then by simply clicking on your icon, you can quickly and easily access the files you want and manage them as you please.

No more arguments!  You’re done in minutes, not hours, and you’ll have more time for doing anything else you’d rather be doing.  Now instead of gritting your teeth, your file obligations are quickly and easily completed. Long Path Tool is able to work with files containing as many as 32,000 characters, so limitations are history.

To access this great tool go to www.LongPathTool.com and download it, quickly and easily.  In no time you will have this handy tool as part of your handy software tools family and become master and manager of your PC. And with regular updates and helpful support team available as needed

The Long Path Tool – Software to simplify your life, business, and computer management needs.

The Long Path Tool – Software to simplify your life, business, and computer management needs.

Imagine being able to do the things you want to do with your computer without having to argue with it. You know the scenario; when you are having problems with deleting, unlocking, renaming files with long names or copying file, you get frustrated.  You wouldn’t have asked to delete or copy it if you didn’t want to, so what can you do when your system won’t let you manage it?

Well now there’s a tool to simplify your computer management needs.  The Long Path Tool to be a great asset by simplifying your file management needs. Problems such these are not uncommon, but can be incredibly frustrating; a tool that is capable of dealing with files containing even as many as 255 characters is undeniably overdue.  Regardless of whether your operating system, you will find this software to be an essential tool in your computer repertoire.

Error messages can be a nuisance when you’re trying to move or delete a file, but The Long Path Tool is capable of dealing with these challenges.  Regardless of your management needs, you will be able to manage shared files, delete files and folders on command, and move material at will.


Whether you’re using an OS such as Windows 95 through Windows 8, you will be able to download this program and began managing your files more efficiently within moments of doing so.  To utilize this software you can create a quick click icon to access your Long Path Tool. You are not required to have any special system requirements.  Set up is easy and ready to go when you are. With regular updates and support available to get started, your computer management solution is but a download away. Get your Long Path Tool working for you!