Symptoms and causes of long path errors

Often many computer users come with a common problem where they cannot perform certain functions with a file that has got too lengthy file name. Generally, the number of characters should be limited within 255, otherwise, the system starts recognizing a file as long path file. In order to fix your problems relating to long path, you need to use the Long Path Tool available as free download from the website However, before you can start using the Long Path Tool you need to understand the symptoms that show there are long path problems, and also its causes.

How to understand there is a long path problem?

Understanding whether there is a long path problem or not is possible if you know when and what kind of error messages appear while performing specific functions. You would be able to understand that there is a long path problem if you find messages displaying the following errors while you try to delete, copy, unlock or rename a file.

  • Filename too long
  • File path too long
  • File is write protected
  • Disk full

Besides, the above messages, you might come across other types of messages as well. The error message due to too long filename also varies depending upon the Operating System and their versions.

What are the causes of long path errors?

There is a specified limit of characters in the case of naming a file. Generally, this limit is fixed at 255 characters for the entire name of the file. Sometimes, when a file is stored in a root drive with 255 characters then it is okay. However, the entire file path cannot be more than 259 characters. Now you might get confused about the file name and file path. File name is just the name of the file along with the extension of the file. For example, there can be a text file say, Long path then the filename would be longpath.txt which has got 12 characters. On the other hand, path refers to the file name along with the address of the file. For example, if a file is created in a folder name LPT in D drive, then the long path would be D:\LPT\longpath.txt which has got 19 characters. So if any file exceeds the limit of 259 characters for the path or 255 characters for the filename, then the problem of long path arises.

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