We all struggle once in a while with path too long errors

We all struggle once in a while with particular errors on our computers, errors that won’t allow us the freedom that we expect running our personal or business computers, such as renaming a folder, copying a file or what is most annoying, sometimes it won’t let us delete a file, stating that it’s being used by some other resource on our operative system. Most of these issues can’t be handled by us users and it can become a very frustrating task.

Long path tool is a software compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux that offers the ability to identify these errors and bypass them, enabling us to modify our files and folders the way we want them.

Long path tool is a very simple software to use, and you can download the free trial version from the developer website. Since it’s a very friendly tool, it won’t have any problems with different versions of your operative systems.

How it works:

Long path tool will access those files that contain errors that prevent you from copying, renaming or deleting them, even those errors which the computer won’t show, but LPT will and will give you the freedom to perform any actions on them that you want.

Common errors:

Here you can a find some of the most common errors we all have dealt with at least once:

  • Long path error
  • File cannot be deleted
  • File cannot be accessed
  • Cannot remove the folder
  • The file is already in use
  • Path deep

LPT was design to simply the fixing task on computers, most errors can be caused by a virus or a malware, that prevent us from accessing our own files, some other errors are caused by a compatibility of the files, either way, LPT will get things going.

How to use it:

  • Download the software form the developers website
  • Extract the file from the compressed file into your computer
  • Run LPT
  • Set “read only” for those files and folders you need to delete or copy
  • Right click on said folder or file, go to properties, security and allow the permissions you might need: full control, read and execute, list folder contents, read and write, special permissions.


LPT offers a list of benefits which you won’t find on any other software

  • Easy to use, it has only a few buttons that can achieve most of the desire results.
  • The files and folders fixed won’t have the same errors again
  • The software doesn’t have special hardware requirements, it’s a friendly program capable of functioning on and old computer.
  • You can set up a programmed deleting schedule for your file or folders, and you can choose if you want the software to run after a rebooting.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6