Specifying a different filename is not the solution for long path files

Specifying a different filename is not the solution for long path files

While you are trying to change the filename of a file or folder on your computer you find it is showing errors indicating that the file path is too long. Not just while renaming a file or folder but such errors may also crop up while you try to delete, unlock, move or copy them. So specifying a different filename with shorter path is not possible because it is not accepting your directions for renaming the file.

What is long path?

Now you might ask, what is long path? Path refers to the location of a file along with its name. For example, if a text file has got the name LPT and it is stored in the My Documents folder then its complete path would be ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\LPT.txt\’. Now this path contains 61 characters. The problem of too long path occurs on a windows operated computer when this character count exceeds 255.

Similar problems with different causes

Sometimes, the problem of long path may also be shown due to several other reasons. For example, files may be operable only on specific operating systems. Another situation during which you might face similar problem is when a particular file gets locked because of another program. The program can be a virus or an application that you might be using on your computer. A harmful virus can be deleted but a helpful application cannot be deleted.

One in all solution

Your file may become unmanageable due to any of the above reasons. Therefore, to tackle all such situations you need to have one in all solution. Long Path Tool is the solution that you need to discover. It is extremely handy and can deal with all kinds of errors leading to make any file or folder unmanageable i.e. it becomes impossible to rename, copy, delete or move a file in the normal way.

Extent to which Long Path Tool is helpful

Long Path Tool can manage troublesome situations when your files get unmanageable. The files that get unmanageable mostly have long paths of more than 255 characters on a Windows computer. However, when you have the Long Path Tool at your disposal you would be able to manage files or folders even with filenames of up to 32,000 characters. Therefore, long path tool is the solution for all sorts of errors that renders any file or folder unmanageable. Long path tool is the effective tool that can be easily downloaded from longpathtool.com.

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