Specified path is too long

It is quite common that you will face one or the other kind of file related issues while working with the windows based computer. In fact there are certain limitations which will not let you work more than the limitations that are set in the operating system. These limitations are 255 characters limit on filenames and folder names. If you wish to access a file whose name is beyond 255 characters or when the path name exceeds the set number of characters destined by the operating system, you will be obliged to get error messages like ‘specified path is too long’.

By preparing a foolproof system you will be able to work without any difficulty. The Long path tool is a great asset for windows users as it can be installed on any operating system beginning with Windows 95 and up to windows 7. It can be downloaded quite quickly and it can be installed in few seconds. As soon as the application is launched, the interface will list all files available in the computer. It will list hidden files and system files as well. The files present on different networks and drives will also be listed. It is possible to move, copy, rename and delete files in an efficient manner.

You will not get ‘specified path is too long’ error message as a long path tool will list all files. In fact, you can work with files whose length is up to 32000 characters as well. In order to make the most from the system, you should install long path tool. No error message including ‘specified path is too long’ will be displayed as you will be able to deal with files whose path length is beyond the reach of windows explorer or FAR. If you can deal with all kinds of files, you will not lose your time and you will be efficient in your work.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6