“Source path too long windows 7” finally fixed

If you are having issues like source path too long windows 7, making an attempt to open the long path file will result in an error like “source path tool long: cannot open”. The current version of the long path tool is 5.1.6 and it is completely compatible with any platform. Whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux, the 5.1.6 will act perfectly and smoothly as well. In addition to that, this particular version has been developed after going through a lot of changes. The long path tool has been providing quality services since 2007 and that is why it has to encounter a lot of changes from different operating systems, as the file management system varies from system to system. However, this long path tool 5.1.6 is the most stable one and one most compatible one too. Here, in this paper, we will discuss about various aspects of this particular version. Let us look at it.

tool to fix filename too long error
tool to fix filename too long error

While using the long path tool 5.1.6, the user does not need to be worried about the speed of the scanning. Even through the system folders, it can scan pretty quickly. As we know that the speed of scanning depends upon the numbers of files, the speed of scanning should be decreasing in the system drive because of abundance of smaller files. Amazingly, the long path tool 5.1.6 could have performed scan through the system files pretty quickly. In addition to that, the modification of the files with long path name is superbly easy while using the long path tool.

In addition to the deleting, copying, renaming, it could also perform the bulk renaming pretty quickly and smoothly. In accession, it is capable of listing the file and path name, which has a long path file name. The limit is 255 characters. If the file path name has more than 255 characters, the Windows cannot deal with that and long path tool would have been necessary for the modification. The long path tool 5.1.6 could deal with the files and folders with path names up to 32,000 characters.

source filename error

In accession, this particular version could perform the copy of more than one folder at the same time. In addition, it is capable of even deleting the system locked files. Moreover, mapped network folders could have been deleted using this long path tool. Directly within the software, users now will be able to copy files to the Dropbox and One Drive. Moreover, a command line version is available for the business pro license holders. To conclude, we must have to say that this long path tool 5.1.6 is one of the best software available to deal with the files and folders with long path names.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6