Sometimes when we want to delete a file or folder

Sometimes when we want to delete a file or folder we cant do it as the file/folders path becomes to long/deep or an error shows that the computer is unable to read source file or desk. Sometimes because of sharing violation it cant be deleted. Sometimes an error shows that source or destination may be in use. These are the errors in general people see in their daily life when they want to delete some file or folder,to solve this type of problem a software is widely used and that’s called LongPathTool. This software can deal with pathnames of any length,upto internal window limit of 32000 characters. Its very easy to use and with the help of these software we can delete the files we want. It has a very fast scanning spedd to locate the files location. It has a very easy to use concept and its designed to provide nice simple interface and a solid amount of options. It can search our desired location very fast and the best part is theres no special system requirements for using this software. Any windows operating system is good enough for this software. It can delete files from mapped network folders,It can delete system locked files,It can delete after reboot,It can unload locking progress and it has a lifetime updates for free. Files and folders can be renamed with this software also. Long path error fixer provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to copy and delete files and folders with long paths. It is a good software for avoiding problems in computer like unable to delete. This software is also capable of force close any application that is creating any problematic issues ,like if there is any application is not closing then we can use this software to force close the application. It has another good thing that It doesn’t leave any trace in the registry,that means it can be carried in a USB flashdrive and it can be used in another computer without even installing it in that other computer. Its very handy and easy to use. The LongPathTool is developed to handle all these problems and with this softwares user friendly behavior it really hass won the peoples heart and a lot of people are using this software to solve their daily computer problem. Once downloaded in the computer,whenever you face trouble you just need to open the software and the software will give you a new window and within that window you can delete,rename or whatever you want to do with that certain file. It is the example of being in control and it gives the power to manage everything according to our our need. We now don’t have to face the problems we used to face before and we can simply solve those problems by this software,it certainly made us managing our work very easy. We now don’t have to worry about all those errors as we have our very good software LongPathTool with us to help in every problematic situation we used to face.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6