Solve Your PC Problems With long path tool

If you have a file name that is very massive in length and cannot be deleted or renamed you need to visit to know about the best software program in the market. If the file name is not available and consequently  access is not granted, the user needs to check for accuracy of the spelling in the folder title. Quite often a blank screen or a dialog box shows error messages like file cannot be accessed, path is too long. For those of you who delve into the websites on a regular basis and have an urgent need to keep track of your documents, the long path tool is the perfect solution.

When error messages are being displayed, the user needs to sign on as the local administrator for the proper functioning of the PC or laptop. A verification is a must that the user has access to the system drive otherwise things are bound to go awry. To fulfill this purpose one must follow certain steps especially if your desktop is empty.

The Task Manager has to be commenced by initiating Cltr+ Alt+ Delete. Next the user needs to switch on the file Menu and press New Task. The following step is to initiate the Winfile.exe or the Explorer.exe in the Run dialog box. The final step would be to have a look at the security prospects of the system drive.

If the folder name exceeds two hundred and fifty six characters it has become quite long and would need the assistance of the long path tool. A major merit with this program is that all Windows  versions work in perfect tuning with it. They include each and every version like the  Windows 8, Windows 7×64,  Windows XP, Windows 2K  and Windows Vista.

More Facts Regarding Long Path Tool

You would need to download the long path tool and make sure that it is saved in the settings section of your laptop. A marvelous limit of 32, 000 characters can be unlocked, renamed, stored and deleted from it. You must be at a loss as to how to use it. This program has a neat interface which makes it easy to use even for a novice. Each time you need to manage the documents just click on the icon and you are directed to a new window. It is here that the deleting, renaming and unlocking of the files and folders can be done very easily.

Conclusive Features About Long Path Tool

One can download this program from the internet websites free of charge and save it on the laptop. It can unlock files from alien system processes as well and if anything is not working it can detect the system problem. This program is the coolest document management device in the market and the sooner you get it the more smoothly your personal computer would function. You can even download and use it with your basic know how. So what are you waiting for? Visit and download the software today for effective file management!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6