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If your personal computer or laptop is encountering problems by means of long file names, just log onto  If you have difficulty in availing of, terminating or saving files or folder names which have more than the limited 255 characters the Long Path Tool is the perfect solution for you. There is a downloadable version of this software program which is free of charge and it is pretty basic to operate for a novice with no technical skills.

Technical problems can occur and error messages like file not found can show up even while you are making use of the modern Windows Explorer/Far. The Long Path Tool has been patterned to delete all the long file names and make a smooth and compact interface for user function. This program can manage up to a wonderful limit of 32, 000 characters. The Long Path Tool is downloaded on your laptop and has to be saved in the settings section.

Should you happen to be a regular web user, your files and folders would need to be handled in a competent manner. This is where the Long Path Tool would come in real handy so download it if you wish to keep your laptop functioning smoothly. Now comes the question of how to delete or unlock the files which have lengthy titles.  Every time the user requires file management the icon needs to be pressed and a window would open. It is here that the files and folders are contained and you can delete, rename, erase or save any of the documents which have long names.

In order to use the Long Tool Path you need to know some of the most common error messages that are bound to arise on your computer. You may make attempts to delete an unwanted file which is cluttering up space on your laptop and discover that access is being denied. The file and folder names may not be available. If you cannot find a proper file name the spelling has to be checked for accuracy.

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If you are a veteran web user this program will definitely suit your needs. It can even delete files that are locked by other system processes. Many people would shy away from using this program unless they are techno savvy but there need be no worries in that regard. It has a compact and easy to use interface. The Long Path Tool can work on any Windows version including Vista, 2000 and Windows 7. A superb speed is also possessed in case of lengthy file and folder search. If you log onto more details are provided.

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So if you have any kind of problems with deleting or saving your documents this program can be opted for. It is important to keep your laptop free from being jammed so make sure that your files and folders are in proper order. Improper management can also lead to loss of data and system malfunction. If you need details and updated information, visit

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6