Smart handling of “Long path name” error

There are some errors that you will confront when you are trying to manipulate files in your system. Usually, you will encounter the challenge of long path name owing to the number of characters in the path of the file. Of course the name of the file will also be factored in counting the characters in the length of the path.
When the maximum number of characters in the path that can be handled by the system has been exceeded, you will get trouble when you try to manipulate the file or folder. Usually, the limit is of 255 characters. When you have a path that goes beyond this limit, you may have trouble opening, copying or even renaming the given file. Often, you will receive error messages that the file has a “long path name”.

Whereas there may be a number of strategies that may work once in a while, these may not always be reliable. People try to rectify these situations through shortening file names as well as moving the folders to locations that have shorter paths. These may have inconsistent results and you may be forced to look for a more reliable alternative. Thankfully, there is a tool that you can use to solve this problem. The Long Path Tool is powerful software that gives you complete control of files whose paths go beyond the 255 character mark. You will not have trouble with renaming, deleting or even copying them as per your wishes anymore.

This is because the Long Path Tool enables you to have control of path names that have up to 32,000 characters. You do not have to worry about the speed that you will enjoy with the system once you try to manipulate such files using the Long Path Tool. The software is pretty fast and will assist you with the renaming or deletion command in no time.
When you decide to use the Long Path Tool, you do not have to worry about having to upgrade your system or have otherwise special arrangements. If you are able to download software into your PC, there really is nothing much you need to do. You download the software and once you launch it, you will be able to see all those files whose path names are long. You can then scroll to the file you wish to manipulate and make whatever command you want to execute.

The software has been tailored with an easy to crack user interface. You can be able to use it without necessarily learning complex IT operations. Thus, this is a program that will enable you to have the best control of the files mentioned as having long path names.
You need not struggle with programs that do not allow you to manipulate all the files in your system. When you have access to the Long Path Tool, you will find that you can even use it with several OS’s. Even those earlier versions like Windows 95 can support the program.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6