Significance of Long Path Tool

The Long path tool is compact and portable software which will offer you assistance in deleting files with long filenames. This software does this through by moving such files to the recycle bin. The fact that long Path Tool is portable make it possible for traces not to be left in the window registry. Moreover, the software can be copied on storage devices such as USB flash drive to allow you carry it whenever you need in order to scan as well as delete the files or folders with long filenames on your computer.

The Long Path Tool comes with a main minimalist window to allow the computer user to perform a number of functions within a few minutes. It allows you to manage all the files and folder which has been stored on your computer. Therefore, this allows you to choose the folder or file which you would like to delete.

This software has an in-built search engine to offer you assistance in identifying the files and folders with long filename. The generated result of search engine may come in form of a plain text. The identified files can be renamed, deleted or copied to a different storage location.

The Long Path Tool also has another feature that is worth mentioning. It works in such a way that it does not delete files and folders permanently on the computer. The Recycle Bin is the directory where the deleted files and folders are moved. This feature allows you to retrieve important files which you might have deleted unexpectedly.

Those who have used Long Path tool find it to be easy and have advised a number of people who find it difficult to open, save, rename and copy files on their computer. Moreover, this software does not come with configuration settings for it to work efficiently. The user does not need any experienced for him to operate it and in addition the use every single feature of Long Path Tool to make the best out of it.

If you are looking for the reliable software to delete files and folders with long filename on your computer, then, Long Path Tool was developed for you. This software will perform its task within a twinkle of an eye. Moreover, the way an expert can master how to use it, it is the same with how the beginner will master how to use it since it does not require much of your time to know the components of Long Path Tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6