Several utilities of Long Path Tool

The Long Path Tool is quite simple and easy to use application that effectively solves problem of long paths. Due to long paths and some other reasons, files and folders on your workstation gets unmanageable i.e. you cannot rename, delete, move or copy your files and folders in the natural way. The Long Path Tool helps in solving such problems within few minutes. The software is available for free from and therefore, quite popular among the Windows computer users. The executable file needs to be first downloaded and then installed on to your computer. The Long Path Tool is compatible with several versions of Windows such as Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows, 2000 Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Filename management

To deal with files having long paths, the long path tool needs to be opened after installing the software from the downloaded executable file. On double-clicking the installed application, a new window opens up with the names of all files that can be dealt with this software. All sorts of file management functions can be carried out on this window. For example, renaming, copying, deleting, moving, pasting, etc can be done without any hassle.

Simple user interface

You can access the folders and files on your workstation instantaneously using the Long Path Tool software. There is no complexity related to the Long Path Tools’ user interface which makes it easy to use. You need not have any special kind of knowledge relating to computers. Only you need to be able to operate the basic operations on a computer and you can use the Long path tool. Since you need not be a computer expert for handling Long Path Tool, it has become daily use software for almost all computer users.

Several benefits

There are several advantages of using the Long Path Tool. Here goes a small list of the benefits in order to let you know about the benefits of Long Path Tool in a summarized way.

  • Simple user interface can be used under various environment
  • Delete locked files with Long Path Tool
  • File search gets quicker and easier with Long Path Tool
  • Unload locking process at any moment

Another great advantage of Long path tool is that you can delete folders and files even after rebooting your computer. Files mapped from shared folders on the network can also be deleted. This is the best program for managing different types of errors that make files unmanageable.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6