Say Goodbye to Long Name Errors with the Long Path Tool

If you are working on a computer in your home or office and attempt to delete a file, you may be plagued with a 1320 error. This signifies that the folder or the file you are attempting to manage has a path name that is considered too long. This can occur on any operating system from Windows 95 and 98 to Windows Vista. Your only option used is to just leave the file. After all, you can’t do anything with it. This generally occurs because the file name is more than 255 characters.

This has become such an issue among computer users that a new way to manage these files had to be created. The solution is the Long Path Tool. This software was created specifically with the purpose of handling computer errors due to long path names. When you receive an error such as ‘Error 1320…’, ‘there has been a sharing violation’, ‘the source or destination file may be in use’, or ‘cannot read from source file or disk’, as well as countless other path name related error messages you will be able to open another window that will allow you to easily and conveniently manage the file.

You will be able to rename, move, delete or copy any file on your computer without limitation. Long Path Tool is great at handling all files that have up to 32,000 characters. Installing the software into your computer is quick and easy. You do not need a lot of additional products or software. You are able to simply download the program and you are finished. It is recommended that you create a shortcut icon on your desktop, as you would any other program in your computer that you need quick access to. This will help you to immediately be able to access Long Path Tool the moment you receive an error message.

Long Path Tool has also been proven as effective when it comes to unlocking files in your system that has been locked for numerous reasons. This is the perfect program to allow you to have unlimited access to anything on your computer without the hassles of constant errors and searching online for a solution. Long Path Tool will even scan your computer so attempt to locate long path names before you find them with an error message. This software has made a lot of user’s lives much easier.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6