Error Moving, Copying, or Renaming Files

One of the most commonly encountered errors in managing files is the extra long file name or destination. This error happens during copying, renaming, and moving files. It occurs because your operating system only allows you to a maximum of 255 characters including the file or source path.

Error Deleting Files

Another type of most commonly encountered errors in managing files is deleting errors. Your screen shows you cannot delete a file because another person or another program is using it. A number of reasons could be possible in this type of error in deleting files. It could be: another person might be using the same file or program, or a Spyware program might be keeping you from pushing through with the action.

This type of error however is just a simple error that you normally encounter and can deal with easily, but, if it is insistent and keeps on showing up, then it truly becomes annoying.

This time, you need the Long Path Tool in addressing this type of error when you try to manage your files.

What is Long Path Tool?

Long Path Tool is a program or software that makes your life a lot easier in dealing with file managing errors like copying, renaming, moving and deleting files. It can help you unlock files secured by the computer’s operating system, and can even handle lengthy path names up to the Windows Internal limit of 32,000 characters! Long Path Tool definitely saves you time and effort attempting to troubleshoot on the errors that you were getting every time you try to manage your files on your computer.

What are the Features and Benefits of Long Path Tool?

Aside from the features of Long Path Tool mentioned earlier, another benefit that can be derived from the software is its ability to address file-managing-errors like: problem reading from source file or disk, there was a commission of sharing violation, problem in deleting file or folder, or invalid file source or filename. It is also able to delete system-locked files, delete files from mapped network folders, and has a fast speed in searching long file folders.

Owning a copy of the Long Path Tool software is easy. It can be downloaded from the internet with a free trial version so you can also run a test of the program for quality check. Long Path Tool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily understand the instructions on how you can manage your files.

How to Install and Use the Long Path Tool Software

Downloading and installing the Long Path Tool software is just as easy as downloading and installing your Yahoo Messenger, Skype or Google talk. Read below for the step by step procedure on downloading, installing, and using Long Path Tool software.

  • Log on to the internet and purchase the software from, or you may opt to download the free trial version to experience using the software first.
  • Save all the settings in your computer and follow the instructions on how to install the program properly. (Long Path Tool software is compatible with the following versions of Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.)
  • Create a desktop icon so you can easily access the program whenever you need it in managing your files.

Whenever you need to manage your file, all you’ve got to do is to launch the program by clicking on the desktop icon. A window will be instantly opened and will access your files directly. The interface is very simple and there are no complicated procedures that you will need to undergo in using the program.

Lastly, one good thing about this program is that it has free updates and free product support even for the trial version. So if you have some questions to ask about the product, they are available to provide help.

If you are interested to try the Long Path Tool software on your computer, just visit their website for download and more information.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6