Say Good-Bye To Long Path Errors!

Say Good-Bye To Long Path Errors!

All of us have faced the irritating long path errors sometime or the other during our computer use. And each one of us knows how bad it feels to not be able to modify the files and folders in our own computer. This bug really tests our nerves. How can Windows, the best and the most chosen operating system in the world, make such a mistake. And even if they made a mistake, why didn’t they try to rectify it? Well, searching for the answer to this question is similar to asking what came first among the egg and the chicken! But thanks to those lovely programmers who listened to our woes, now this long path error can be fixed in a matter of a few clicks. Welcome the hero of all tools, the Long Path Tool!

The long path or long destination errors really had become a major problem for most of the users. They needed a solution to this ASAP, as without it they were limited and along with that, the possibilities in their computers were also limited. But then came the Long Path Tool and fixed all these problems in a go. Before that, there was nothing that you could had possibly done with the errors. You just had to leave them alone in some corner as they were of no use anyway. But now you don’t need to worry, Long Path Tool has got your back! Now there’s no worrying and no being afraid of the file errors. Sometimes it was really important to recover the file or the folder but there was no way. But now there’s a way. The Long Path Tool is the all-in-one solution for all your file errors. It fixes everything in just a few moments.

The Long Path is a simple yet the most effective tool that makes solving long path errors a piece of cake! It simply scans the whole path destination, irrespective of how long it is, and then processes it for you so that you can use the file. No, you don’t need to get confused. It is a very simplistic tool. You don’t have to be a computer expert to reap the benefits of this tool. Any person who knows the basics of operating a computer can make use of this tool very easily. You just have to perform a few easy clicks and the next moment, the Long Path Tool takes everything in its hands and does the job for you. It solves all your problems in a few clicks. Isn’t that cool? Now gone will be the days that you had to forget about the file which wouldn’t open or delete due to its long destination name. Gone are the days when you could access files and folders which had destination names of up to 255 characters. Did you know, the Long Path Tool supports opening up the files and folders with path names up to 32,000 characters long? It is such a great tool to have!

The Long Path tool does not require any special system configurations and is not a RAM hungry tool. It quietly occupies just under 2MBs of space in your hard disk. Seriously, it looks small but is the daddy of all error-fixer tools! It can run on a computer which has just 256MB of RAM. Want more? Take this then. It can even run on the Windows 98 computer that your grandfather had bought and was the first computer in your house. And so said, it is not necessary to say that it also supports the latest Windows 8 PC that you are most probably using to read this post. Yes, it is such a powerful tool but in such a small avatar. It really blows off your mind with its capabilities. Never underestimate the power of the Long Path Tool. It might look ordinary but is not an ordinary one. It packs a lot of punch to leave you amazed. I mean, which tool with just 1.6MB size does all that the Long Path Tool does? And even if there is any such tool out there in the wild of the Internet, you won’t look anywhere apart from the Long Path Tool once you use it. And the best fact is that it is free. Yes. First they make such an amazing tool to solve such a major problem in all the computers across the world. And then they price it at zero. It is literally free and will most probably remain free forever. Now you know where to look for the right tool to fix all those file errors and the long path name bugs and messages. Visit right now and experience the power of a small but an explosive tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6