Remove Useless Files with Long Path Tool

In so many times, problems encountered while managing files arose. Some of the errors may include: path is too long, filename is too long, cannot delete file, the source or destination file is in use, cannot remove a file or folder, filename in not valid, the access to the file is denied, and many more. So, when there was a need to overcome all these problems, the Long Path Tool was developed.

The Long Path Tool is an efficient software which helps in managing files. Even if the file is locked by some system processes, the Long Path Tool can unlock them. If you are not able to manage file (delete, copy, or rename) because they are of more than 256 characters, then the Long Path Tool will help you because it will let you have as high as 32,000 characters. It will also scan the drives for the files whose path is too long.

To get all the benefits of the Long Path Tool, you can download it online, and enjoy the free trial option. Even if you are using the free trial version of the program, you can still get access to the free updates, and also the free support. You will receive emails about the updates, and also about the latest news of applications which help in managing the files. The Long Path Tool is very easy to install on your device (desktop or laptop). The software works with operating systems as early as the Windows 95, so anyone can use it.

The Long Path Tool presents a permanent solution to every file managing problem you may face. It is convenient, versatile and effective. Many users have tried the free trial version of the long path tool and suggested it to people since it was a very helpful program. If you download and install the Long Path Tool, you won’t even remember what is meant by “path too long”. You do not have to be technical inclined to be able to benefit from the software. It will simplify the process of managing any files and folders, and give a resolution to any error messages encountered. It is fast, simple, and efficient.

Any other file managing software you may use, will still get you to experience file managing errors. However, with the Long Path Tool, you will forget about any such errors. It will help you manage files easily and smoothly.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6