Remove useless files and folders fast

Remove useless files and folders fast

On any computer there are tens of files and folders created by their users. The folders help the users to kept their files in order, they work like a library. Music, text documents, movies but the most common items which are found on computers, especially on personal ones are the photos. All of these items are stored on partitions. Even if there is one or more partitions on the hard drive, the files from the folders occupy space depending on their size. All the items found on a computer have paths and names. From pictures to big movies or just the simple text documents have a actual name which users can see and with the help of which files can be found on search. But beside the actual name there is a hidden one, the path which can not be seen by any user. The actual name and the path must have a specific number of characters so they can be accepted by Windows. Windows has 32.000 characters as maximum limit. If a files name or path overcomes this limit, than users won’t be able to do nothing with their files.

What does it happens? If a users want to copy or delete a file, because it has the path or the name too long Windows will not be able to apply the action that the user want. So, it will send to the user a message with the help of a pop up window. Beside this message which will include an error and an advice for the user about what to do, Windows will not allow to the user to do the action he/she want.

What kind of messages will Windows send? Some of these messages are “The file name is incorrect. Please rename the file.”, “The file can’t be deleted. Try again”, “Error. Path too long.” and more of these which seem to be Windows failure, and they really are.

How to solve this? Do not try to solve this problem manually. Windows developed a software for all its versions from the Windows 95 to the latest version of Windows. The name of this software is Long Path Tool. There are available online both trial and full versions. Windows offer online support for customers and the support is available for those which download the trial version and for those which purchase the full version. It is a simple software which will provide fast resolving of long names and paths.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6